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Mail in Kazakhstan: receiving of parcels in parcel terminals or supermarkets Printable version

Last update: 30.11.2021

kazpost logoHow to use parcel terminals?

Parcel terminals are an automated terminal for issuing parcels (less than 14 kg.), created as an alternative service, with which you can pick it up a parcel or a letter on your own without the participation of post office employee. Parcel terminals are located in shopping centers and are available on their work schedule, that is, you can pick it up at a convenient for the customer time, including weekends.

All over the Kazakhstan there are 109 parcel terminals of «Kazpost» JSC located in the regional and district centers. You can find out exactly addresses of parcel terminals here.

You can see the exact addresses of the postamats here.

In order to pick the parcel up, client must specify the mobile phone number on the screen of parcel terminal and send the code that is sent to the recipient at the moment when the parcel arrived for the first time in parcel terminal storage.

How to obtain and send the package at the parcels supermarket?

Parcels supermarket - a new format of self-service center, which is divided into two areas: receiving and sending parcels throughout the RK.

For receiving small packets, parcels and packages, the customer must enter the track number or mobile phone number at a special terminal installed in a supermarket premises.

This terminal when finds the requested package in the system, provides ticket indicating the rack and row number of the cell. The client then goes into the hall to find the required number of rack and takes package off the shelf.

At the cash-desk, installed on the exit, the client provides an identification document to verify the information about the parcel and the need to pay the COD amount.

Also, in the parcels supermarket client can send a parcel to any location in Kazakhstan by his own. In order to send parcels customer purchases corrugated packaging in the price of which is already included the cost of delivery by the Republic of Kazakhstan and the assigned track number (SPI). Having packed his package in a special zone, the client goes to the installed terminal for registration of sending parcels, presses the «Send» button, scans pasted on corrugated packaging barcode again presses the «Send» and saves issued by the terminal card. At the end of all actions, the parcel must be left on the shelf for its further transportation.

How much time is parcel stored at the post office, parcels supermarket and terminals?

Any postal item (letter, parcel or package) is stored at the post office or supermarket premises 30 days, first 14 days of which - free of charge, for storage in the next 14-16 days 300 tenge per day will be charged. Small packages period of storage 45 days. For the storage of small packages the amount is not charged. After 30 days, the parcel is returned to the sender. A parcel in the postamat is stored for 3 calendar days for free, after the first three days the parcel from the postamat is sent for storage to the post office.

How to track the delivery of parcel or letter?

Track code (bar-mail id) - is a unique identifier of the postal mail, where you can track the parcel and learn its location. Parcels sent by «Kazpost» JSC network, can be traced back to the portal and postal financial services The main advantage of the service that the client when entering the tracking number on sees the whole picture of the movement of departure.

Tracking is a service that helps you find the parcel and track it. When you subscribe as a user tracking service sends notifications of status changes and the departure location by e-mail, Telegram and SMS.

Regardless of your location IPS integrated tracking system of «Kazpost» JSC allows you to track the movement of parcels in 74 countries belonging to the Universal Postal Union, 59 countries - the movement of written correspondence, with a hundred countries to exchange electronic data. For example, a customer orders on eBay and the package is able to track its movement, regardless of location.

For today «Kazpost” JSC changes data with such partners as Russia, Germany, USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, South Korea, China, Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Australia, Turkey generally run from 74 UPU member countries for incoming parcels and 59 UPU member countries at the written correspondence, such as China, Singapore, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Spain, India, Czech Republic, Estonia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. In turn, «Kazpost» JSC directs outgoing EDI messages (communication) to all partners in the IPS, which is more than 100 countries worldwide.

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