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How to buy a new or used car (search, check, paperwork, insurance) Printable version

Last update: 01.12.2022

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Buying a car is also a kind of investment, and it also requires investment as in the purchase of real estate. But the price of a car can fall every year. You need to calculate your budget and take into account how much money you are willing to invest and spend on it every year. When buying a used car it is important to know where the car was bought. You can often get caught on scammers who sell a stolen car with an unknown past.

According to statistics, the majority of Kazakhstan's population buys used cars. If you calculate your budget and you are ready to afford a car, and this budget is entered by a new or used car, then in this article you can find out the risks and limitations when buying a new or used car.

Choose a car

When buying a new car it's much easier. It is better to buy a new car, because you will know that it is 100% not painted and not broken. In showrooms completely rely on consultants is not worth it. You yourself should carefully inspect the car inside and out, and check all documents, certificates. Be sure to perform the required test drive. If you decide to order a car, in such situations people become victims of inexperience. Many do not know that a car brought to order can be defective. Due to inaccurate transportation, the car can arrive in bad condition, most often it may be faulty. It should be noted that when ordering, payment is 100% prepayment.

When buying a used car, do not rush to choose. First you need to decide on the choice of brand and take into account the price of the car on the market. The prices for used cars can be found in numerous automobile markets, there are also various sites where it is possible to quickly find the model, year of issue and find out the price with the help of filters. With a good search for a used car, you can save your budget well by 10-15%.

The buyer of a used car already clearly knows what they need from the car: mileage auto, leather interior, automatic box, spacious interior, engine size and other parameters. Under these parameters, several models may fit, maybe even one manufacturer. It is best to choose two or three models for selection, which will meet all the criteria. Having decided on the model, study all the functions, breakdowns, how much will the cost of maintenance be. If you chose a specific model, then on the Internet you can read reviews and what nuances you need to look at when buying this brand. Immediately screen out ads with incomplete comments, descriptions, without photos: often, place their second-hand dealers or scammers. Even if your choice fell on only one model, do not stop in search of good options.

Inspection and selection process

Execution of documents for new or used cars


For information: Specialized public service centers and registration and examination departments of the IAB (regional importance) register the vehicles of individuals and legal entities on the extraterritorial principle, regardless of the registration of the place of residence of the individual and the location of the address of the legal entity, with the issuance of state numbers of the specified region at the place of residence of the physical person and registered address of the legal entity.

In addition, in any Specialized Service Center of Population and the registration and examination department of the IAB, the owner (representative) of the vehicle can take his vehicle off the register.

At the same time, during registration, re-registration and de-registration of vehicles previously registered on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as new vehicles sold by Kazakhstan dealers, reconciliation of numbered transport nodes is not required.

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