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Last update: 07.12.2021

paper house on the grassMortgage – this is serious and for a long time. To make it safe, you need to know certain rules and correctly provide for force majeure. And the main security tool is mortgage insurance.

Mortgage borrowers in most cases are confident in their abilities, they hope for a bright future and plan to quickly pay a loan to the bank for an apartment.

But there may be undesirable circumstances that prevent the return of the loan: loss of employment, disability, illness, and which will lead to the impossibility of repaying the loan. Then the bank can take an apartment, because of what you can be left without shelter.

Therefore it is worth making out a mortgage so that in such situations to protect yourself from all the risks of losing housing.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, upon receipt of a mortgage loan for the purchase of housing, as a rule, the client of the bank is offered to insure the acquired property from the risks of damage and destruction or to insure the life, health and risk of disability of the borrower.

When issuing a mortgage loan, some banks also offer to insure the risk of possible loss of the property being acquired as a result of the termination of the title to it (title insurance). Typically, title insurance is when buying a home in the secondary market, where the sale and purchase transaction may be entered into with violations of the law and can be challenged.

Insurance of real estate provided as collateralк

Life and work ability insurance of the borrower

Insurance of possible loss of title to acquired property (title insurance)


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