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Last update: 10.03.2023

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For many Kazakhstani citizens mortgage is an option used to purchase their own housing or improve housing conditions. However, one should always remember that a mortgage, like any other type of loan, is a big responsibility. Prior to getting a mortgage, one needs to assess own financial capacities.

What should you pay special attention to first of all in mortgage lending? What are the conditions offered by various banks, and what are the lists and forms of documents required for mortgage registration? This section provides information on the major aspects of mortgage lending.

What is mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan issued by second–tier banks for the purchase of real property. In this case, a purchased housing is a mortgage lending pledge. Mortgage lending is provided for a certain part of a housing cost. The remaining part of a housing cost should be paid by a borrower from his/her own funds and is referred to as initial instalment. Thus, each potential borrower needs to remember that a purchased real property is owned by a bank until the moment a lending is fully paid. If a borrower stops making monthly payments, a bank can withdraw an apartment or house and sell it to pay off a debt.

Today, commercial banks and one state specialized bank that implement a housing construction savings system offer mortgage lending. The amount of monthly payment depends on the initial instalment, loan term and interest rate.

Steps for mortgage lending registration

What should I pay attention to when applying for a mortgage lending? 

Pros and cons of mortgage 

What has been done to protect the rights of mortgage borrowers


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