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Private kindergartens with the state order Printable version

Last update: 03.04.2023

If a child is in a waiting list to public kindergarten there is a possibility to send him/her to private kindergarten under government order waiting for a place in public kindergarten (with preservation of position in the waiting list to public kindergarten). Under government order, payment for private kindergarten can be shared with the government. The government pays for pre-school education and nurturing out of the national budget while parents pay for meals, and also for other supplementary services offered by a kindergarten.       

Assignments to private kindergartens under government order are issued by Education Department. Manager of a private kindergarten concludes a contract with parents, which stipulates rights and responsibilities of the parties as well as the amount of payment for kindergarten.      

More detailed information on alternative public kindergartens can be found in the article "If your turn for a kindergarten hasn`t come yet".

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