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Last update: 08.09.2021

Electronic digital signature, abbreviated as EDS, fulfilling the function of your electronic signature when you receive various online services (from obtaining certificates to participation in public procurement) contains confidential information about its owner. Therefore, for security reasons, the EDS must be renewed every year. Thus, you confirm that the certificates are not lost and are in your possession, and not in the hands of unauthorized persons.

Notifications on the expiration of the EDS

RK NCC registration certificates issued for a file system is valid for 1 year. RK NCC registration certificates issued for key information carriers (ID card, Kaztoken, eToken, аKey, jaCarta) are valid for 3 years. The system of the National Certifying Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan implemented the automatic sending of two types of notifications on the upcoming expiration of the EDS with a proposal to extend it online.

  • Multiple email notifications – 1 month before, 2 weeks before, 7 days before. To receive these notifications, you must specify your e-mail in the personal account in the NCC RK.
  • SMS notification 10 days before the date of expiry of the EDS. SMS comes to the phone number registered in the Mobile Citizens Database, i.e. to the one that is attached to the user in the eGov Personal Account.

How individuals can extend DS`s validity by themselves?

To begin with, the first thing you need to do is go to the personal account of the user of the site of the National Certification Center . Go to your personal area you can from the main page of the resource or by the link specified in the letter.

  1. So, you are on the login page of the Personal Cabinet. (Fig. 1).

step-by-step instructions 1

Fig. 1

  1. Click on the button "Login to my account", go to the authorization page (Fig.2). In the window that opens, you need to select the type of "Key Store" from the list - Personal computer, identity card, eToken PRO (Java, 72K), JaCarta, Kaztoken (Figure 2).

step-by-step instructions 2

Fig. 2


  1. In the "Path to the keystore" field, you must specify the path where your EDS keys are located (Figure 3). Select the authentication key (AUTH_RSA) and click the "Open" button.


step-by-step instructions 3

    Fig. 3

  1. Click the "Login" button (Figure 4).

step-by-step instructions 4

Fig. 4


  1. In the dialog box that appears, enter your password into the keystore (Figure 5).

Warning : The default password for Kaztoken: 12345678, eToken PRO (Java, 72K), JaCarta: 1234567890.

step-by-step instructions 5

Fig. 5

  1. Click the Update Keylist button. If the password is entered correctly, the authentication key will be displayed (Figure 6).
step-by-step instructions 6

Fig. 6

  1. Click the "Sign" button.

Welcome to the user's personal area (Picture 7).

step-by-step instructions 7

Fig. 7

  1. To work with EDS keys, go to the tab "My EDS keys" (Figure 8).

In the drop-down menu, select one of the sub-items:

  •  Re-issuance of EDS keys - provides an opportunity to apply online (subject to existing EDS keys), without confirmation of the application at the Registration Center;
  •  Revocation of EDS keys - provides an opportunity to revoke registration certificates;
  •  Application for receiving EDS keys - provides an opportunity to review submitted applications;
  •  List of EDS keys - displays available registration certificates;
  •  Checking the status of the application - provides an opportunity to check the status of the submitted application, and establish registration certificates;
  •  Change of password to EDS key - provides the opportunity to change the password to EDS keys. 

step-by-step instructions 8

Fig. 8

Section "Rerelease of EDS keys

  1. In this section, you can apply online (subject to the availability of valid EDS keys), without confirmation of the application at the Registration Center. The main fields will be automatically filled in, according to the already available registration certificate. Specify an e-mail address, a locality, a keystore and a path to the repository. And click the button "Apply" (Figure 9).

step-by-step instructions 9

Fig. 9

  1. Check the correctness of the submitted application and click the "Confirm" button (Figure 10). 

Attention! The Personal Computer storage is insecure. We recommend using a protected medium of key information to reduce the risk of compromising EDS keys.

step-by-step instructions 10


  1. Enter the password and click the "Sign" button (Figure 11).

step-by-step instructions 11


  1. Remember the application number (Figure 12). 

step-by-step instructions 12


  1. To install registration certificates, specify the folder where your private keys were saved, and click on the search icon. Specify the place of storage of your private keys formed when submitting an application. And click the "Open" button (Figure 13)

Attention! If the key generation was performed on one of the supported protected media: eToken 72K, JaCarta, Kaztoken, at installation of registration certificates, preliminary connect the device to the computer. 

step-by-step instructions 13


  1. If you use the key store - Personal computer, the password fields will appear (Fig. 14). Invent and enter the password on your EDS keys and click the "Upload Certificates" button.

Attention! The password must contain the Latin letters of the lower and upper registers, as well as numbers. Minimum password length: 6 characters. 

step-by-step instructions 14


Remember to remember the password!

Password can not be restored! NCC RK does not store your passwords, and in case of lost password, these EDS keys must be withdrawn.

  1. Click the button "Download Certificates".

A window appears informing you that the registration certificates were successfully installed (Figure 15).

step-by-step instructions 15


Re-issuance of EDS keys is completed.

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