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Last update: 14.09.2021

The “Ashyq” application enables the businesses to continue their activities during the period of quarantine measures. To enter public places, a citizen scans a special QR code by means of "Ashyq" and presents at the entrance a risk rating specified in the application.

“Ashyq” project objectives


The mobile application "Ashyq" enables through the use of a QR code and integration with the general database of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to determine the status of a visitor: whether he is currently a carrier of the virus or not.

For the businesses, this makes it possible to continue their activities during the period of quarantine measures, as well as minimizes the risks of the spread of Covid-19 and reduces the number of contacts leading to infection.

The use of the application for both entrepreneurs and citizens is free.

What will it give to the population?

Safety. Today, every person who becomes ill with COVID-19 in any form (symptomatic or asymptomatic) undertakes to comply with the home quarantine regime and assures them with a personal signature on the receipt. However, we often come across facts of violation of the self-isolation regime. The sick or close-contact people visit public places, thus posing a threat to the spread of the virus.

The application allows you to identify such visitors and prevent infection of other guests or staff.

How the “Ashyq” works and how to use it

The Ashyq service is available as free mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as through the web version. In the future, it is planned to integrate it into other socially significant mobile applications such as eGov Mobile and bank applications.

The process of working with the application is as follows.

When entering an institution that is a member of the Ashyq project, the visitor logs into the application through his phone number, enters his IIN and scans the institution's QR code to register his visit, after which the status will be displayed in the application. 

This status in the form of a color must be shown to the responsible employee of the institution, and, depending on the color, you will be admitted or rejected to visit the institution.

  • Red status indicates restriction of movement, compliance with a strict regime of home isolation for persons undergoing outpatient supervision. 
  • Yellow - partial restriction of movement - the user is designated in the PCR database as a contact one: visits to the grocery and hardware stores, pharmacies are allowed no further than 500 meters from the place where the patient observes the regime of home isolation.
  • Blue there are no restrictions on movement for this status, except for places where PCR is mandatory.
  • Green status means that there are no restrictions on movement and this user is indicated in the database as having passed PCR testing with a negative result for COVID-19. 

If a visitor refuses to use the “Ashyq” at the entrance, then the institution has the right to reject providing the services, since such a client is a potential source of the spread of the virus and poses a threat to both others and staff.

Important! It should be noted that IIN data is not transferred anywhere and remains in the application profile. The IIN only checks the user's status when scanning the QR code.

In addition, the application does not have the purpose of tracking the movement of people, instead its purpose is to restrict the entrance to public places for the infected and contact persons, to minimize the risk of illness.

A call-center for consultation of the citizens - 1414.

How the owners can connect to the Ashyq

The QR code is assigned only to the business entities. The entrepreneurs participating in the Ashyq project apply for a QR code on the .

After checking for compliance with project requirements (General Economic Activity Classifier, GEAC), a code will appear in your personal account, which will make it possible to study and work in test mode for one week.

According to the decision of the Chief Sanitary Doctor dated April 13, 2021, the non-compliance of the object with the GEAC code is the basis for refusing to participate in the Ashyq pilot project.

The owners of catering establishments and cinemas must first send an application to the specialized association, and then receive a QR Code on the

After receiving the QR code, business entities should organize at their institution the verification of visitors and their notification about the need to use Ashyq to enter.

If the visitor does not have the opportunity to independently check the status, then this procedure can be carried out by the administrator / employee of the institution using the "guard" mode - through the mechanical input of the IIN number into the database with the consent of the visitor. You can find out how to add the "guard" mode for the establishment.

There is no need to scan the QR code on exit.

In case of technical problems, an alternative version of the "ASHYQ" application is available through the Kazakh messenger “Aitu”, in the application section at.

A Call-center for consulting business entities – 1432.

How long do the statuses "yellow" and "red" last?


If a person is contacted or infected, he must be in home quarantine for 14 days. After 14 days, he will be automatically assigned a "blue" status, if after the end of home quarantine he receives a negative PCR test, he will be assigned a "green" status.

The "red" status is removed after 14 days from the date of the positive PCR test. After receiving a negative result, it is transferred to the "green" status, which remains for 3 days. If none of the test were done, then the status becomes "blue".

Persons with "yellow" status (the contacted) are transferred to "blue" status after 14 calendar days from the date of contact with a person whose test was positive for COVID-19.

The responsibility of entrepreneurs participating in the Ashyq project


According to the resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor dated April 13, at the facilities included in the Ashyq project, the business entity checks the status of the visitor through a QR code or by IIN. In case of revealing signs of violations by the Ashyq project participants of restrictive measures, including quarantine, the measures are carried out by monitoring groups. 

A participant who violated the current work algorithm, according to the results of the monitoring group, cannot return to the project earlier than 2 weeks later.A participant who has violated the algorithm of work again based on the results of the monitoring group cannot return to the project earlier than 2 months later.



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