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Last update: 31.10.2023

According to the Rules, Re-Equipment is the exclusion of components and items of equipment that affect road safety that are provided for or are not provided for by the vehicle design.

To obtain permission to re-equip a vehicle, you can contact the e-government portal е or / and in writing to the territorial division of the administrative police.

To approve changes to the vehicle design, applicants must submit an application to the state body authorized to exercise state supervision and control over road safety (territorial divisions of the administrative police Department), indicating:

  • information about the legal entity (company details) or last name, first name, patronymic, postal address (for individuals);
  • numbers and dates of issue of the certificate of registration of a legal entity;
  • brands and models of the base vehicle;
  • year of manufacture of the vehicle;
  • state license plate of the base vehicle;
  • a reasoned proposal on the substance of the proposed changes to the design;
  • dates when the application was made with the signature of the head of the organization and the certified seal of the organization (for legal entities) or the signature of the applicant (for individuals).

Based on the results of consideration of the application, the territorial division of the administrative police Department makes a decision on the possibility of making appropriate changes to the design of the vehicle, which, in case of a positive decision, indicates if necessary:

a) the procedure for making changes to the vehicle design and conducting an assessment of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations;

b) the need to conduct a preliminary technical examination for the possibility of making changes to the design of the vehicle.

Making changes to the vehicle design​​

Conducting a preliminary technical examination of the design for the possibility of making changes to the design of the vehicle (if necessary)​

Assessment of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and technical inspection to check the technical condition of the vehicle with changes made to the design

Obtaining a certificate of compliance of the vehicle with the changes made to its design with the safety requirements​

Making appropriate changes to the vehicle registration documents​


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