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Last update: 24.03.2020

What is the insulation on the house, who came from the 1B category?

Is our country ready in case of detection of coronavirus?

Who will be quarantined?

What requirements should be met by citizens in home quarantine?

Who is subject to isolation at home, how is isolation performed at home?

What requirements should be met by citizens who are in a quarantine hospital?

Who is subject to isolation in a hospital?

How do I protect myself from coronavirus infection?

What is the incubation period of the infection?

What does a quarantine for persons with suspected COVID-19 coronavirus mean?

How do I determine if I have a coronavirus?

What is the difference between a coronavirus and a flu virus?

Main symptoms of coronavirus infection?

When do I need to get tested for a coronavirus infection? Where should I contact?

Is the virus stable in the external environment?

Where to go if you have symptoms similar to a coronavirus infection?

Who is at risk?

Is it possible to cure the new coronavirus?

What recommendations are there for people who come from other countries that are not in the category of covid-19 coronavirus infection?

Is there a vaccine for this infection?

Where did the infection come from?

Who is the source of the coronavirus infection?

What is the pathway of coronavirus transmission?

What is a coronavirus?


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