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If there are any mistakes in documents or how to make changes in identity card or certificate Printable version

Last update: 05.04.2020


Mаny of us face the situation when there are some mistakes and inaccuracies by different reasons in registration documents (birth certificatemarriagedivorcedeath certificates and others). Such situations are not only unpleasant but also can complicate the process of issuance of other important documents in future.  To avoid waste of time and efforts it’s better to take necessary measures on time. In this article you will learn what to do if there are any mistakes in birth, marriage, death certificates, where to apply for their correction and what documents are necessary for that.   

Bodies of civil registry office   make records on civil condition of Kazakhstan people which fix the events and actions entailing the accrual, change or termination of rights and obligations and characterizing legal condition.

What action does civil registry office register?

According to the Rules of organization of state registration of civil condition acts, making of changes, recovery, cancelation of records of civil condition acts registering bodies realizes following actions:

In what cases it is possible to change the data in certificate and acts of civil status?

What documents are required for implementation of  specifications, additions, changes and corrections in documents 

Amount of payments for registration of acts of civil status and getting of certificate and references in Civil Registry office

Correct writing of surname, name and patronymic on Kazakh and Russian languages in documents

Change of name, surname or nationality of child upon divorcement and other situations


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