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Last update: 10.06.2024

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Mаny of us face the situation when there are some mistakes and inaccuracies by different reasons in registration documents (birth certificate, marriage, divorcedeath certificates and others). Such situations are not only unpleasant but also can complicate the process of issuance of other important documents in future.  To avoid waste of time and efforts it’s better to take necessary measures on time. In this article you will learn what to do if there are any mistakes in birth, marriage, death certificates, where to apply for their correction and what documents are necessary for that.   

Bodies of civil registry office make records on civil condition of Kazakhstan people which fix the events and actions entailing the accrual, change or termination of rights and obligations and characterizing legal condition.

What action does civil registry office register?

Pursuant to the Rules for organization of state registration of civil status acts, introducing changes, corrections, additions or cancellation and restoration of vital records, registration authorities perform the following actions:

  • perform state registration of birth, death, marriage and divorce.
  • change, supplement, correct, restore and cancel vital records, including when changing name, patronymic, surname; establishing paternity (motherhood)or adoption.
  • issue primary and duplicate certificates, certificates in electronic form or on paper, copies of vital records.
  • ensure the safety of registers and forms of certificates of state registration of vital records.

In what cases it is possible to change the data in certificate and acts of civil status?

  • while change of name, patronymic, surname, place and date of birth due to the adoption of a child, as well as in case of record of adopters as the parents of adopted child;
  • while change of spouse’s surname due to divorcement (see how to divide the property upon divorcement);
  • while change of surname of under aged child due to the divorcement of parents of recognition of their marriage invalid;
  • while registration of paternity;  
  • while application by mother who is not in marriage on implementation to record on child birth act, data on child’s father;  
  • due to the court decision on termination or recognition of adoption as invalid;
  • due to the court decision on exclusion from record of the act on birth, data on father or mother of child (can be applicable upon refuse of parents from child, adoption or divorcement); 
  • while change of name, surname, patronymic;  
  • while change of patronymic and surname of under aged person due to the change of surnames of parents and name of father;
  • while identification in judicial order of false facts in the record of civil status acts;
  • in case of refuse of court decision on paternity;
  • if there is no information on name, surname, patronymic  or nationality of parents;  
  • if there is false information in the record of civil status act;
  • if while registration of child birth he/she was given surname, name without considering parents will;
  • if a child has the name different from that one written in the record of act on his birth, when it is arisen by child’s interests;
  • if act record contains non-full name of child (nickname, pet name, short name);
  • if at the moment of registration of civil status act some mistakes were made (distortion, omission of information or individual words);
  • while change of name, surname, patronymic due to the change of gender;
  • while change of surname to surname derivative from the name of father of grandfather under national traditions;  
  • while change of nationality.

There some cases when due to a lot of bother connected with different life situations, documents were registered improperly, and the earlier you will apply for their correction the better it will be for you. In case of incorrect, non-full, and changed data and for following correction it’s necessary to apply to Civil Registry Office at the place of residence.   

Application on addition, correction, changes in documents must be submitted by those person whose documents are incorrect. If there are mistakes in documents of child under 18 years, application is submitted by parents, adopters, guardians and trustees.


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