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"Informational Kazakhstan – 2020" State program

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Today, in the age of information the modern life cannot be imagined without information technology. As a result of the rapid development of the information revolution, information has become the most important resource governance. There was even a new term - the informational government. «Informational Kazakhstan – 2020» State Program was approved by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan in 2013 January 8. In this article we will try to find out the details of its main tasks and directions.

What the informational society is?

In the information society information is the main resource, namely on the basis of information awareness on a wide variety of processes and phenomena can be effectively and optimally build any activity. The main criteria for the development of information society is the availability of computers, the development of computer networks and the number of people employed in the field of information, as well as using information and communication technologies in their daily activities.

The Information Society is aimed at achieving a high level of people's welfare at the expense of advanced and affordable innovation and information technology infrastructure.

Kazakhstan in its turn is objectively involved in the process of becoming a global information society. Therefore, to create all the necessary conditions was developed «Informational Kazakhstan – 2020» State Program, they will allow our country to carry out a full transition to an information society.

Informational society in Kazakhstan perspective

Infocommunication technologies developing at full speed become important factors of society modernization. The effect on economic indicators of people lifestyle characterizes the importance of ICT development for the economy and life of modern Kazakhstan citizens. 

During the last years in Kazakhstan made a significant progress in ICT sector.

The sphere of mail communication, telecommunication and Internet access is developing actively.

For improvement of quality of the services provided to the population and business a lot of work on improvement of activity of the population «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC is carried out, Mechanisms of dialogue and feedback of the state with the population and business by means of Internet resources of government bodies, virtual receptions, Internet conferences are realized. But creation of the informational society does not end, continuous work is conducted.

Program provided conditions for creation of opportunities to citizens to master and receive skills of work with information technologies by means of electronic education, lifelong training and preparation, to work remotely, to receive services of available electronic health care. Also, for creation of more open, available and competitive economy of our country, the Program provides the maximum introduction of intellectual systems in fundamental branches of economy.

It is supposed that the State program "Information Kazakhstan – 2030" will become the final stage of realization of transition of Kazakhstan to information society.

Main purposes and tasks of the «Informational Kazakhstan» state program

The main purpose of the «Informational Kazakhstan -2020» program is making conditions providing conversion of Kazakhstan to informational society.

Main tasks  - provision of public management system effectiveness, availability of innovation, information and communication infrastructure, creation of the informational environment for social-economic and cultural development of society, and development of local informational space. 

Program realization terms – 1 step: 2013-2017, 2 step: 2018-2020.

In the results of «Informational Kazakhstan - 2020» State Program realization the republic have to reach the following target indicators:

  1. Kazakhstan in the Doing Business rate of World bank in 2020 must be in the list of 35 countries;
  2. Index of «electronic government» (by the method of UN) in 2020 must be in the list of first 25 countries;
  3. Access of informational-communication infrastructure in household of Republic of Kazakhstan - 100 %;
  4. The amount of Internet users in 2020 – 75 %;
  5. Coverage by radio digital TV and radio broadcasting of the population of Kazakhstan – 95%;
  6. ICT share in GDP of country– 4%;
  7. Healthcare organizations’ share connected to single healthcare network– 100%;
  8. A share of the scientific educational institutions connected to a single national scientific and educational network - 100%;
  9. Level of computer knowledge – 80 %;
  10. A share of electronic mass media to the total amount of registered mass media in Kazakhstan – 100%;
  11. A share of a turn of the Kazakhstan online stores in a total turnover of the goods and services paid electronically – 40%;
  12. A share of state services provided in electronic form - 50%;
  13. A share of electronic state services on relation to the total number of services received conventionally - 80 %.

Program realization steps

The use of informational technologies at all levels of state bodies provides a procedure for control, eliminate duplication of data, this will reduce budget expenditures and increase the quality of services provided.

How these tasks will be realized?

  • Common Informational and Analytical environment of the state bodies will be developed. On the base of «electronic government» Call-Center the Common Call-Center of state services provision questions, appeals on provision quality will get the further development.
  • Common personal account of the citizen aimed at official informational interaction of legal and physical bodies with state bodies and organizations on state and non-state services provision questions will be created.
  • Special courses of computer literacy improvement for the employees of any sphere until necessary level of knowledge used in his ICT work will be opened; the question of distant market employment development is worked out.
  • Courses on basic skills of computer literacy and receipt of public services in electronic form will be conducted for small and medium business entrepreneurs, unemployed and/or part-time youth, and people with disabilities, elder people and other categories of disadvantaged groups.
  • In healthcare development purposes protected united network of healthcare will be created which allows organizing teleconferences, conciliums and consultations with leading specialists of the field.
  • improvement of permit system and means of control and supervision of the state bodies directed to automation and optimization of state services provision processes.

tasks of improvement of public administration, creation of the open and «mobile government», development of availability of information infrastructure, receipt of citizens the services of electronic education, healthcare and others will be solved.

Last update: 29.07.2016


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