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Last update: 02.10.2023

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Issuance of certificates of guardianship and trusteeship is carried out in accordance with the Rules for providing state services "Issuance of certificates of guardianship and trusteeship".

The service is provided by local executive bodies of Astana, Almaty and Shymkent cities, districts and cities of regional importance (hereinafter referred to as the service provider).

Acceptance of the application and delivery of the result of the state service is carried out through the web portal of "e-government" (hereinafter – the portal).

Term of rendering of the state service from the moment of delivery of a package of documents on a portal – 30 minutes.

The result of the state service is a certificate of guardianship and trusteeship.

The form of providing the result of public service provision is electronic.

The result of the state service provision is sent via the portal to the "personal cabinet" of the service recipient in the form of an electronic document signed by the electronic digital signature (hereinafter referred to as EDS) of the authorized person of the service provider.

The list of documents required to provide public services in case of application of the service recipient:

an application in the form of an electronic document signed by the EDS of the service recipient or certified by a one-time password in case of registration and connection of the subscriber number of the service recipient provided by the mobile operator to the portal account.

An electronic request is received on the portal in the "personal cabinet" of the service recipient.

Information about the identification documents, the child's birth certificate (in case of birth of the child after 13 August 2007) is received by the service provider from the relevant state information systems through the e-Government gateway.

When the service recipient submits all the necessary documents in the "personal cabinet" of the service recipient, the status of the acceptance of the request for the provision of public service is displayed, as well as the notification.

The addresses of the places of provision of public services are placed on:

  1. the Ministry's Internet resource:;
  2. portal:

The Service Recipient has the possibility to receive a public service in electronic form through the portal, provided that there is a digital signature.

The beneficiary receives information about the procedure and status of provision of public services in the remote access mode through the "personal account" of the portal, as well as the Unified Contact Center 1414, +7 7172 906 984.

Contact phone numbers of the service provider's inquiry services on the issues of provision of the state service are placed on the Internet resources of the Ministry

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