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Last update: 05.04.2020


Your family has good news – you will have a child. Many expectant mothers give a variety of questions relating to pregnancy and childbirth: "How to eat?", "What kind of tests pass?", "How will the childbirth?", but the most important question at the beginning of pregnancy is "How to register with pregnant women?".


You can register in the state policlinic near your home. Woman registers by the place of residence. It is desirable to be registered in the clinic, where previously a woman was observed, because of keeping patient card and the results of earlier analyzes. If the expectant mother wants to be seen elsewhere, it is necessary to take an extract from the antenatal clinic, where she has been observed previously.

Pregnant woman is watching at obstetrician-gynecologist, who oversees her district. But, if for any reason, a pregnant woman wants to be observed at another specialist, it has every right to do.

You can also register in private medical centers. After selecting the center, a woman chooses attending physician and signs a contract. When you choose a health center you must pay attention to the existence of the license clinics and qualification of doctors.


Under article 90 of the Code of the RK "On Public Health and Health Care System", pregnant women should register up to 12 weeks. The most optimal time for visiting an obstetrician -gynecologist, according to experts is from 9 to 12 weeks. Early turnout for consultation reveals the complications of pregnancy, and to form a plan of pregnancy to determine the exact date of birth.


For registration you need the following documents:

1. Identity card (original and 2 copies).

If the future mother appealed to the antenatal clinic at the actual place of residence, then doctor puts her on the account temporarily, for the duration of pregnancy. You can produce a lease if the family rents an apartment. If there is none, a woman still take on the account, but the fact of residence will be checked by local doctor or nurse.

3. X-ray fluorography card (in case when its absence at woman, her husband's X-ray fluorography)

4. Analysis on the microreaction.

5. Husband's identity card (1 copy).

6. Marriage Certificate (1 copy).

The last two documents will need later - for quick discharge from the hospital. If childbirth was normal, the baby and mother are doing well, then they are discharged at 3-4th day. Maternity home shall permit extract only after registration of documents for the child. If a woman has a baby without a husband, the last two documents are not necessary, as the child is registered to the mother.

After submission of all necessary paperwork and fill some questionnaires which will be given at the reception, you will be drawn three main documents:

1. Card of ambulatory patient (Form 025 / u).

2. Exchange Card (Form 113 / u), which should always be with you.

3. Individual pregnant card (Form 111 / u).

If a woman during pregnancy changed the place of residence, she can go to the account of another women's clinic, located closer to home. Documents are simply passed from one to another women's clinic.

Visiting a doctor

During the first visiting a doctor he performs a general inspection: doctor collects history, asks questions about past illnesses, presence of chronic illnesses, operations, allergies and over previous pregnancies.

It is desirable if the expectant mother prepares for the first visit and makes a list of interesting questions.

Then doctor carries out a woman’s weighing and measures her growth. It is necessary to calculate the body mass index and determine the optimal weight gain for all nine months. After the doctor performs a pelvic examination, determines the size of the uterus, and gestational age, concomitant gynecological diseases and takes a smear on the vaginal microflora.

Based on the data the pregnant woman is entered in the risk group (in the presence of pathologies) and the management of pregnancy is made up. After filling out the cards you are given a referral for counseling of narrow specialists and delivery of analyzes (complete blood count, urinalysis, the blood sugar level, HIV test and RW (blood for syphilis and blood group) and then they report the date of the next turnout.

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