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How to enter the academy of state management under RK President? Printable version

Last update: 30.03.2021

Academy of Public Administration under the President of the RoK was established by the Order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of May 31, 2005 for training, further and advanced training of civil servants.    

Academy of Public Administration under the President of the RoK is the only educational institution in the country that performs training, further and advanced training of civil servants.

The advantages of studying at the Academy for Civil Servants:

  1. Duration of training in the Academy is registered as experience in civil service.
  2. Those who study at the Academy obtain a study allowance in the amount of official salary at previous place of work.   
  3. To study in the Academy, it is possible to obtain a scholarship from international organizations and funds. 
  4. Those who study in the Academy have an opportunity to study and undergo internship at  Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University (USA), DBB Academy (Berlin, Germany), Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (Austria), Estonian School of Diplomacy, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (UAE), Institute of International Studies “Clingendael” (Netherlands), and also diplomatic missions of the Ministry of Foreign affairs abroad.   

What programs are taught at the Academy?

Master`s Degree programs:

With training period of 1 year:

  • “Public Administration”;
  • “Anti-Corruption Policy”;
  • “International Relations”;
  • “HR Management”;
  • “Regional Development”.

With training period of 2 years:

  • “Public Administration”;
  • “Public Policy”;
  • “Economics”;
  • “Regional Development”;
  • “Regional Leadership”.

PhD programs:

With training period of 3 years:

  • “Public Administration”;
  • “Economics”;
  • “International Relations”.

Who can enter the Academy?

Individuals who successfully completed professional training programs of higher education can apply for master`s degree programs. Those who successfully completed professional master`s degree training programs can apply for PhD programs.   

List of documents required for admission to the Academy

Those who enter the Academy should provide the following documents to an admission committee:

  1. Application.
  2. Copies of educational certificates with transcript.
  3. Copy of IELTS or TOEFL certificate or registration form to pass APTIS.
  4. Document certifying work experience (track record for civil servants or copy of an employment record for other individuals).
  5. Medical abstract in 086-У form.
  6. Referral issued by a government agency (for civil servants).
  7. For those who apply for master`s degree programs: motivational essay and essay related to a program; for those who apply for PhD programs: motivational essay, research proposal and list of scientific papers if available.

If you enter on a basis of state order

If you enter at the expense of individuals and legal entities

What is APTIS?

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