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How to become an advocate, notary in Kazakhstan Printable version

Last update: 05.10.2021

books and judge's gavelAdvocacy - is a qualified legal assistance provided on a professional basis by lawyers in accordance with the Law "On Advocacy and legal aid", in order to protect and facilitate realization of rights, freedoms and legal interests of citizens, as well as the rights and legal interests of legal entities.

Notarial activities - is a conduction by the notary of notarial acts stipulated by actual Law "On Notaries" and other RK legislative acts. Notary in its turn is also a legal institution on provision of qualified legal assistance, protection of the rights and legal interests of citizens and legal entities by the conduction of notarial acts.

Who can become an advocate, notary?

Citizen of Kazakhstan can become an advocate if he/she:

  • has a higher legal education;
  • passed the probation period and attestation in college of advocates or passed the exam in Qualification Commission under RK Superior Judicial Council, successfully passed the probation period in the court, received a positive review by the plenary session of regional or equivalent court or by the judge who terminated his authority or by dismissed from the bodies of prosecutor and investigator with work experience as a prosecutor or investigator no less than 10 year except persons dismissed by negative reasons;
  • got a license for the right to implement lawyer activity.

Citizen of Kazakhstan can become a notary if he/she:

  • reached the age of 25 years;
  • has higher legal education;
  • with work experience on legal specialty no less than 2 years;
  • passed the probation period at the notary during no less than 1 year;
  • passed attestation in attestation commission of justice;
  • got a license for the right to implement notarial activity.

How to get a license for advocacy?

How to get a license on dealing with notarial activity ?

In what cases the activity of advocate/notary license can be suspended


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