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Last update: 21.05.2024

car keysWhatever to you, car owners, will be personal automobile, often come to mind thoughts of selling it. The purpose may be a need for cash, or wish to improve comfort, or just for a change. But in any case gain from the sale, while not expending effort and nerves - wish of each potential vendor. The car is not a commodity, bought and sold which, you can forget about the transaction. Safety of car by buyer, and legal "security" of you as a seller - that is what one must strive. It should be remembered that purchaser of the car makes a decision to buy specific car emotionally, not rationally. About major and minor pitfalls in selling topic of "Iron friend" will be described in this article.

The decision was made of “how to prepare your car for sale?"

Where to find a buyer?

Steps for processing sales

More information about registration of the purchase/sale agreement

"Sale" car by power of attorney


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