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Payment cards, automatic teller machines, terminals, internet-banking services provided by almost all major banks in Kazakhstan greatly facilitated our lives. But the progress do not stops on it and new technologies in electronic payments which nowadays develop so fast, more and more occupy the human life and activities. Main objects of these technologies are to give the human more convenience in using the services without reducing the security level in storage of personal data. This article is about new technology HandyPay, on moment payments via mobile phone.


System of service fees and payments to date begins to be constructed on the basis of bank accounts and transactions with them using payment cards. In our country there is a slow but steady development of e-cash turnover. In the vast majority the organizations and companies accrue the salary individually to each employee to personal bank cards. For example, in order to get the money in cash is just to get to the nearby located terminal. Some payment services already can be used through terminals, payments can be done directly at the same place.  You can not even talk about the electronic banking systems, where operations with all your bank accounts can be done without leaving the house it is enough that you are connected to the Internet.

Actually, all these modern technologies make easier the people's lives. But every man has the circumstances in life when for whatever reason there is no opportunity to make an urgent and important payment. What to do in such case?

Terminals and automatic teller machines are very good, but they are static, it is required to get them and lost a lot of time. It would be convenient if we could do monetary transactions in any moment when we want without binding to the place.

Network technology is not standing still. And this article will explain about the new technology HandyPay, system which was introduced by large banks of Kazakhstan, the purpose of which is to simplify and facilitate a system of individual cash transactions.

The basic principle of the technology is the use of personal mobile phone and sending and receiving functions of SMS messages. That's all.  Neither access to the Internet nor physical contact with ATMs and terminals any no more are necessity.  It is enough to have a mobile phone with you. And no matter where you are in the world. All operations can be done if you have the opportunity to send and receive SMS messages on a personal mobile phone. In fact that everyone has mobile phones we can imagine the scale of the potential use of this system.

List of payment services provided by HandyPay system are the following:

  • payment for fines of road traffic offences;
  • money transfers;
  • payment for mobile communication of all operators of Kazakhstan;
  • payment for commercial cable TV;
  • payment for utility services;
  • payment for telecommunication services;
  • advertising payments;
  • credit repayments;
  • also the function of payment for education introduces gradually.

For forward-looking perspective users the prospect of this technology is evident. Its creators also reacted assiduously to the security system. Indeed, at the present time, the security of electronic money transactions is the cornerstone in computer security technologies in general.  
In Kazakhstan the HandyPay technology more than two years had started to penetrate and progress by two large banks of the country – Alliance bank and Temir bank.

The portal of e-Government also began to use this system.  At the present time the service Payment of penalties for violations of traffic regulations” is available.

A more detailed instruction on this technology, explaining all the steps of using can be found below.

What is HandyPay mobile payment?

How does HandyPay operate?

How connect to HandyPay?

What can be paid in HandyPay?

How to make instant transfers in HandyPay?

What are the tariffs for HandyPay mobile payments?

How to refill the HandyPay account?

How is the security organized in HandyPay?


Last update: 04.01.2017


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