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Last update: 26.10.2023


State award always was and is an important element of encouragement and show gratitude sign from society and government altogether for individual person. There are about 20 types of awards based in Kazakhstan including different awards, medals and honorary degrees. If you think that your colleague, friend, relative or other person familiar to you deserve state award, one can learn from this article how can the person get one or another award and what is the order of award recommendation.

State awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to whom are they bestowed?

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreigners and persons without citizenship who have served to the Republic of Kazakhstan, in recognition of their services, for the fruitful state, community, creativity, labor and military feats are bestowed by state awards. The awarding is performed by the President of RK.

Type of award is determined by the awarding character and degree of the person recommended for award.

Candidatures for awarding the order of the perfection “Altyn Kyran” are nominated by the President. Award recommendation of other state awards is submitted to President by RK Parliament, RK Government, ministries, agencies, administrations, creative unions and other organizations.

Candidatures for awarding can be considered and adopted by work collectives.

Award recommendation for foreign citizenships is nominated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, other ministries and state committees, other central executive bodies of RK on the usual terms.

Besides mothers of many children awards, heroic exploit cases and extreme circumstances, recommendation of citizens for regular award is nominated not earlier than in 5 years after last awarding. The same person can not be awarded twice for one and the same medal, exception to this rule applies where there are awards of different degrees and perfection of honors.

Awarding by state orders of RK for bravery, courage and heroism extended while protection of interests, can be nominated even posthumously.

Persons, awarded by any of RK orders are called chevaliers of this order.

Order of award recommendations

Privileges and status of awarded persons

In case of loss

Is it possible to deprive a state award?

Types of awards

Departmental awards


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