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Last update: 20.12.2022

Many sports enthusiasts eventually come to the fact that sport becomes for them an integral part of life. Every year more and more Kazakhstanis join in physical culture. After a certain period of sports, the athlete grows professionally, and he begins to compete, take places and fulfill certain standards. In this article you can find information on obtaining a certain type of titles, ranks and qualification categories, which are conferred to athletes of Kazakhstan.

Sports titles, ranks and qualification categories are conferred in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Physical Culture and Sport" of July 3, 2014.

The procedure for awarding sports titles and ranks to athletes and coaches

The procedure for confering qualification categories to coaches, instructor-athletes, methodologists and referees

The period of consideration of documents submitted for assignment sports categories and qualification categories in an authorized body is 10 calendar days and 24 working days for the assignment of sports titles and qualification categories. Based on the results you the following to be conferred:

  1. When conferred athletic titles, ranks, a certificate in the form is issued;
  2. When conferred qualification categories, a certificate in the form is issued.
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