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Last update: 27.05.2019

Public access point (PAP) – device similar to cash machine or multicash (payment terminal) which allows public services obtainment distantly without Internet connection. For this purpose a person should have electronic digital signature (EDS) on the plug-in device. PAPs are frequently installed at «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC, akimats, airports, libraries and other crowded places.

With the help of PAPs you may obtain referral information, print out the documents and references, write and send addresses to the virtual reception desk, participate in the dialogue with the Government, work with electronic mail.

The list of the services provided through the Public access points

PAPs are equipped with USB-slots for EDS. Owing to EDS you may obtain the following public services within a few minutes:

User guidelines

PAP is a fully-featured computer with 27/4 limitless access to Internet, equipped with sensor display, on-screen keyboard, printer and sound unit. For information acceptance you need to use additional buttons on the upper left corner of the sensor screen:

  • The first button — «Forward»
  • The second button — «Backward»
  • The third button — «Stop»
  • The forth button — «Finish the session».

1. For the start of the work press with finger on “Address bar” in the upper right corner.


2. Choose in the menu or enter with the help of the keyboard address of the information resource.

3. For the navigation use the buttons.

4. To print out press on “print” located in the lower left corner.

First public access points appeared in 2006. Year by year their quantity rises. Public access points were designed for Internet use development in Kazakhstan, securing equal right for access to public or other information resources. PAPs eliminate distinctions of the informational inequity between rural areas and megapolices.

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