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Last update: 29.01.2024

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Corruption involves illegal use by public servants or persons equated to them of their official powers and related opportunities in order to obtain or extract personally or through intermediaries property (non–property) benefits and advantages for themselves or third parties, as well as bribery of these persons by providing benefits.

Subclause 6) of Article 1 of the Law "On Corruption Control"

Liability for corruption offenses is provided for by the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Corruption Control Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Anti-Corruption Service) is a state corruption control entity directly subordinate and accountable to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Agency draws up and implements anti-corruption policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and performs coordination in the field of corruption control, as well as identifies, suppresses, discloses and investigates corruption offenses.

All government agencies, organizations, quasi-public sector entities and officials should fight corruption within their competence.

If a citizen believes that he/she has become a victim or witness of a corruption offense, he/she can apply:

  1. In writing to the Anti-Corruption Service at the following addresses:

Headquarters: 37 S. Seifullin str., Astana

Astana:45 A.Tokpanov str., Astana

Almaty: 15 Zhibek Zholy Ave., Almaty

Shymkent: 3 Kazybek bi str., Shymkent

Abai region: 36 A.Baitursynov str., Semey

Akmola region: 71 N.Nazarbayev Ave., Kokshetau

Aktobe region: 93 Maresyev str., Aktobe

Almaty region: 33A Titov str., Ili district, Otegen Batyr township

Atyrau region: 2a Temirkhanov str., Atyrau

West Kazakhstan region: 89/1 Kurmangazy str., Uralsk

Zhambyl region: 40 Aitiev str., Taraz

Zhetisu region: 36/42 Kabanbai Batyr str., Taldykorgan

Karaganda region: 12 Alikhanov str., Karaganda

Kostanay region: 4 Gashek str., Kostanay

Kyzylorda region: 156A Zheltoksan str., Kyzylorda

Mangystau region: 100 23rd microdistrict, Aktau

Pavlodar region: 37 Kamzin str., Pavlodar

North Kazakhstan region: 60 Internatsionalnaya str., Petropavlovsk

East Kazakhstan region: 2 Likharev str., Ust-Kamenogorsk

Turkestan region: 100 Tauke Khan ave., Turkestan

Ulytau region: 15 Kurmanbayev str., Zhezkazgan

  1. By calling free-of-charge number 1424.
  2. Via portal.

An individual who has reported the fact of a corruption offense or otherwise assists in countering corruption is protected by the state and is rewarded in accordance with the procedure established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Familiarize with the reward procedure by following the link:

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