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Not to do harm to the health during online study at the computer Printable version

Last update: 16.03.2023

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, governments in the world were forced to shift the education system to an online mode. Due to the longer sitting at the computer, there may appear osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine. The display screen should be located at the distance of 600-700 mm, but not closer than 500 mm distance of the user's eyes, taking into consideration as well as the size of alphanumeric characters and symbols. The main dimensions of the workplace when working at the computer, such as the height of the edge of the desk and the height of the legroom should fit the height of the human. It is not recommended to use the stools or benches as a seat. When working at the laptop and a computer, it is important not to hunch over. One of the reasons for developing curvature of the spine is not observing a correct posture, during the study, sitting at the desk, and walking.


Requirements for the length of classes with computers and laptops.

Frequent work at the computer at an early age can have a negative effect on the muscles that control the eyes, making it very difficult for a child to concentrate on a particular subject, especially in the activities such as reading. If that happens, the one will have to wear glasses.

General recommendation for the children aged 3 to 5 years old is to spend maximum the 15 minutes per day for using gadgets.

The duration for continuous work with the computers and laptops within an academic hour for the preschool organizations and school class sessions shall correspond to the following:

  • preschool organizations and school grade 1 - not more than 15 minutes;
  • school 2 - 3 grade - not more than 20 minutes;
  • school 4-5 grade - not more than 25 minutes;
  • school 6 - 8 grade - not more than 30 minutes;
  • school grade 9 - 11 (12) - not more than 35 minutes.


Keeping preventive measures when working with computers and laptops

It is recommended that direct work with computers, laptops, and tablets shall be not more than 2 hours.During the work, the following preventive measures shall be fulfilled: exercises for the eyes every 20-25 minutes and a session of physical exercises after the 45 minutes during the break.Time for work with the computers, laptops, and tablets is not allocated as to undermine the time allotted for the sleep, daytime walks and recreational activities.The simultaneous use of the same one computer, laptop, or tablet by two or more people, regardless of age, is not recommended.The computers, laptops are not used without certificates proving their quality and safety shall not be used.A modern monitor is not a source of radioactive radiation.Before starting the work and at the end of each academic hour of classes, thorough ventilation is carried out.The fluorescent lamps are used as the light sources in artificial lighting.It is allowed to use incandescent lamps in the local lighting fixtures, including the energy saving ones.Do not forget to eat. Working or playing at the computer often takes all of the person's attention. While thinking over there, in the monitor, a person forgets about everything, including the lunch, by working half-starved all the day.

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