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March 16, 2023

The Digital Documents service by MDDIAI, which includes documents of a citizen (national ID, passport, driver's license, etc.), documents about a family (marriage certificate, birth certificates for children) has been replenished with another document (Other Documents tab), namely insurance policy for vehicle owners, which enables each vehicle owner to have a digital version of a document.

What is "Open Government"
Open RLAs
Open data
Open budgets


It is the process of involving citizens in policy, decision-making and the development and delivery of services through information and communications technology.

E-participation is assessed as an important indicator of e-government development in the United Nations (UN) ranking. Thus, according to the UN methodology, this indicator is based on three components:

Electronic information
Availability of information on the Internet
Electronic consultations
Online public consultation
Electronic Decision Making
Direct involvement of citizens
in online
decision-making processes
took Kazakhstan in 2020 in the UN e-participation index
among 193 countries and was included in the group of countries
with a very high e-participation rate

Electronic participation tools in Kazakhstan

What is being done to increase the electronic participation of citizens in Kazakhstan?

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