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May 16, 2024

The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry in cooperation with Kazakhtelecom JSC and National Information Technologies JSC launched a new «Internet connection» service in the eGov Mobile application

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May 16, 2024

Цифрландыру, инновациялар және аэроғарыш өнеркәсібі министрлігі «Қазақтелеком» АҚ және «Ұлттық ақпараттық технологиялар» АҚ-мен бірлесіп eGov Mobile мобильді қосымшасында «Интернетке қосылу» жаңа қызметін іске қосты

сотовый телефон

May 16, 2024

Министерством цифровизации, инноваций и аэрокосмической промышленности совместно с АО «Казахтелеком» и АО «Национальные информационные технологии» запустили новый сервис «Подключить Интернет» в мобильном приложении eGov Mobile

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May 4, 2024

With aim to optimize the processes and facilitate the procedure for obtaining, storing and using DS keys, the National Certification Authority has moved from the current process of issuing and using two DS keys to using only one key, i.e. individuals and legal entities will get only one key based on the GOST algorithm, which will be used for both authorization and signing.

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May 4, 2024

Процестерді оңтайландыру және ЭЦҚ кілттерін алу, сақтау және пайдалану процедурасын жеңілдету үшін Ұлттық куәландырушы орталық екі ЭЦҚ кілтін беру мен пайдаланудың қазіргі процесінен бір ғана кілтті пайдалануға көшті, яғни, жеке және заңды тұлғаларға МемСТ алгоритмі негізінде бір кілт берілетін болады, ол авторизациялау үшін де қол қою үшін де қолданылатын болады.

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May 4, 2024

Для оптимизации процессов и упрощения процедуры получения, хранения и использования ключей ЭЦП, Национальный удостоверяющий центр перешел от текущего процесса выдачи и использования двух ключей ЭЦП к применению только одного ключа, т.е. физическим и юридическим лицам будет выдаваться один ключ на алгоритме ГОСТ, который будет использоваться и для авторизации, и для подписи.

Digitalization in the field of labour & social protection


Digitalization in the field of labour and social protection is one of the important directions of technological modernization of the economy of Kazakhstan.

Digitalization of public services
Actual effect for 2020 (KZT 1 102,9 mln.)
In total, e-public services were provided
2019 – 6,0 mln., 2020 – 7,8 mln.
Absentee determination of disability
October 1 pilot project
Proactive delivery of birth services
2020 - 111,4 thsd. services
Composite Pension Assignment
Old age pension - 110 211, Basic pension - 120 194, Payments from the UAPF - 111 135 (who has all 3 pension payments: 96 046 people)

New technologies in the field of labour and social protection



185thsd. jobs in 6 months of 2021
17%increase in employment in 2021
700employers save on personnel search every year
168thsd. organizations connected
4,7mln. contracts digitized
14IT solutions implemented
56thsd. people used online format
50thsd. citizens received the status of unemployed
7thsd. unemployed were assigned social benefits in case of job loss from the State Social Insurance Fund


  • Interactive map with buildings and facilities adapted for disabled people movement
  • Individual selection of suppliers, tools and services
  • Cooperation with residents of Astana Hub International IT Startups Park
  • Personal account: managing services and "conditional" finance using digital signature
  • Person's choice of goods (TCP) before delivery to their place of residence (tracking)
  • Integration with information systems of the MLSPP and other GAs
  • In 2018, 60 people were trained and 77% were able to find a job at once
  • Professions: SMM-manager (social media marketing), PPC-manager (contextual advertising professionals), web-site developer


I quarter
  • Automation of the service "Assignment of state targeted social assistance"
  • Automation of the service "Assigning benefits to a large family"
  • Automation of documents in the "Digital Documents" service of Egov mobile
II quarter
  • Combining payments into one payment order with one payment element
  • The extraterritorial principle for the provision of public services in the social and labor sphere
  • Development of functionality for the formation of an employee's personal file
III quarter
  • Pilot implementation of extraterritorial acceptance of applications for pensions and benefits
  • Automatic suspension and renewal of budget subsidies
  • "Assignment of benefits for birth and childcare up to 1 year old" through the mobile application ""
IV quarter
  • Implementation of distance learning disability in a pilot mode Family digital map
  • Implementation of the service "Assignment or renewal of the status of a candidate" on the eGov Portal
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