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Appointment to the doctor

appointment.   How to get the service in a state agency  (required documents): ID card for personal identification. call for a doctor, appointment to the doctor how to make online appointment to doctor. Appointment to the doctor Appointment to the doctor https://egov.kz/cms/ru/services/495pass_mz …

Service passport →  Healthcare Service → Medical Care

At polyclinics of Astana and Kokshetau discuss e-services of Health ministry

appointment to doctor and call for him (the pilot version has been launched in Astana and Akmola oblast) – everything can be done at home with the help of www.egov.kz portal. During the event promoters of eGov will tell about the e-services from Health ministry and distribute informational leaflets. Place of …


Almost 30 new services are available on e-Gov mobile app

Twenty nine new services are available to users of e-Gov mobile app this year. Among them are the following services: submission of e-application for marriage registration, registration in medical organization, making an appointment to doctor and checking of prohibitions on going abroad through …


Interesting statistics of the electronic government

certificate of absence (presence) of immovable property of an individual 319150 3 Appointment to the doctor 318763 4 Issuance of information on the commission of administrative violation by a person according to Committee on legal statistics and special records of the General prosecutor's Office of the


Going on maternity leave in Kazakhstan

for how long gives a sheet of temporary incapacity for work A certificate of temporary disability due to pregnancy and childbirth is issued by a medical worker (obstetrician-gynecologist), and in his absence - by a doctor, together with the head of the department after the conclusion of the VKK from …

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Who is entitled for special social services at home

Socio-medical services : first aid, assistance in providing doctors with medication, sanatorium-resort treatment, prosthetic and orthopedic and hearing care, calling a doctor to the house and accompanying the ward in a healthcare organization, patronage of children with disorders of the musculoskeletal …

Article → Social security provision → Support for people with disabilities

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