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Receiving of tax forms while export (import) of goods within the Eurasian Economic Union

How to get the service in a state agency or in the «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC (required documents): For goods export: Declaration for value added tax.  Statement. For goods import: The statement (statements) for import of goods and payment of indirect taxes on paper (in …

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Issuance of certificate of admission to the implementation of international automobile transportation and admission cards

notifications ”. How to get service in «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC  (required documents): Statement . The document confirming payment of the state tax for certification of the tolerance except for payment cases through PSEG. Copies of lease contracts of vehicles (in case of lease of …

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Official registration of river vessels and their rights in state vessel register

from it); the document confirming payment in the budget of the amount of collection for the state registration of vehicles. In case of a vessel re-registration natural person in addition: the document confirming payment of a tax on the vehicle for the current calendar year in the order set by the tax

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Registration of pledge of movable property

of payment, a check on payment will be generated. All checks are stored in your account in the section "Payment History". The commission for payment is 100 tenge. * The following are exempt from payment of the registration fee: Participants in the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them …

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Tax for vehicles can be viewed and paid for on eGov.kz portal

For reference: Tax on vehicles should be paid before December 31, 2018. Tax for vehicles can be viewed and paid for on eGov.kz portal Tax for vehicles can be viewed and paid for on eGov.kz portal https://egov.kz/cms/ru/news/oplata_naloga …


First draw took place in the framework of the action from the payment of taxes EGov

Today, the first drawing as part of e-Government action took place for Kazakhstan citizens who have paid taxes for 2013 via EGov.kz portal. The names of winners were determined, who will be presented one of 16 tablet computers or 51 card readers for working with   digital signature   recorded on


Tax rates

4 IIN for income of a working immigrant resident 10% Paragraph 1 of Article 320 of the Tax Code Paragraph 4 of Article 360 of the Tax Code 5 IIN on income of persons engaged in private practice 10% Paragraph 1 of Article 320 of the Tax Code Paragraph 2 of Article 365  of the Tax Code 6 IIT at the …

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PPC- payment purpose code

on the lease of personal property; services on the rent of vehicles and equipment without operator; services on the lease of personal-use items and household goods; services on the rent of vehicles, equipment and other physical facilities; renter`s payment to an owner for the rented premise under …

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confirming the right on inurement; sends to the informational system of the right cadaster: electronic addresses of the contract participants in the Internet web, under the occurrence;   electronic copy of the document confirming the person’s  liberation from the payment tax for the real estate state …


Terms of payment of taxes on property, land and transport in Kazakhstan

internet banking Also the possibility of payment of taxes on individuals (the tax on vehicles of individuals, property tax, land tax) via: ATMs of JSC "Halyk Bank", JSC "Forte Bank", JSC "Sberbank of Russia"; Internet banking (MyHalyk) of JSC "Halyk Bank". Instructions for payment of taxes through ATMs …

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License plates of cars in Kazakhstan. The procedure for obtaining and recovery for loss

in the identity card – additionally- document confirming the registration of permanent residence ( address reference ). Documents confirming: payment of tax on transport of individuals ; right to a tax exemption - for non- taxpayers in accordance with the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan …

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Specialized departments of the State Corporation Government for Citizens, NJSC for car owners (Special PSCs)

Documents confirming exempt from payment for the tax. Documents are not required. Data will be taken from the database of the Ministry of labor and population protection of the RK. 7. Certificate of business entity registration. Data will be taken from the database of the Justice Ministry. Documents are not …

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How to get a license for medical activities

specialists for services. A complete list of licensed activities is prescribed in the Law. What is required to obtain a license The procedure for obtaining a license is the final stage on the way to the opportunity to work legally in the medical field.  Before this, a person must undergo training – to study …

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Useful online services

Tax debt view and payment Monitoring of credit history Disputing of information in credit history Obtainment of personal credit report Payment of taxes and other compulsory charges to the budget Payment for tax on vehicles Payment of land tax from individual entities on lands of settlements Payment of …

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Public access points

the reference on specification of the address of a real estate object in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan Payment for tax on vehicles Issue of a certificate of the absence (presence) of real property of a physical body User guidelines PAP is a fully-featured computer with 27/4 limitless …

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How to open a Center of Technical Inspection

of transport control information on the cost and timing of the Mandatory Motor Vehicle Inspection. Based on the submitted document, on payment of vehicle tax for the current calendar year, ensures the entry of information into a single information system of Mandatory Motor Vehicle Inspection. A …

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How to buy a new or used car (search, check, paperwork, insurance)

subject to surrender; If it is impossible to verify the payment of the tax, a document on payment or on the exemption of the payment of the tax on the vehicle; The document on the right of possession (order) on the representative of the owner of the vehicle.   For information: Specialized public service …

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Getting a driver's license in Kazakhstan

  to attach photo and scanned sample of signature;  to pay for service online with the help of pay card (while reissuance of driver’s license tick the “Paid before” box at the payment step and enter  the cheque data for search: Tax office, bank’s BIC, payment date, BCC (Budget Classification Code), PPC …

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BCC - The budget classification codes

Customs union Communication № BCC Name 1 105301 Payment for providing long distance and (or) international telecommunication, and also cellular communication Natural resources № BCC Name 1 105302 Tax on excess profit, except the receipt from the organizations of oil sector  2 105303 Payment for use of …

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How to sell a car

about the conclusion of the transaction (Article 33 of the Law "On Marriage and Family"). Price of the car and payment for it  The notary indicates in the contract selling price of the car with the words of the parties. Sometimes parties of the agreement reflect in the contract amount that does not …

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