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Utility payments

Sultan erc, alseco payment for utility services through the electronic government portal. Required information for the online payment for utility services Utility payments https://egov.kz/cms/ru/services/epay100_erc …

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Pay for utility services via eGov and get the prize!

the receipt will be available at any moment ant the “Payments history”) You do not need electronic digital signature to pay for the public utilities services through www.egov.kz You may get more details about the payment by calling 1414 - 24/7 free for all operators in Kazakhstan Pay for utility


List of the 50 winners of the "Pay for utility service via egov" promo-action

“Real estate” – “Housing and utility sector” and click “Payment for utility services”. The user chooses his city (Astana, Almaty and Kyzylorda) enters the number of the receipt and pays for the service. E-receipt which confirms the payment can be found at any time in the “History of payments


Online payments rate significantly increased in Kazakhstan

In 2012 the amount of e-payments increased almost 7 times. Kazakhstan has significantly increased levels of online payments. Compared with 2011 citizens more often paid taxes and fines through the “electronic government”. In 2012 Kazakhstani more actively used online tools for utility services …


Payments via e-Gov exceeded the KZT 41.5 billion threshold

for utility services appeared. Today, 46 services can be paid for via e-Gov. Payments via e-Gov exceeded the KZT 41.5 billion threshold Payments via e-Gov exceeded the KZT 41.5 billion threshold Payments via e-Gov exceeded the KZT 41.5 billion threshold  Payments via e-Gov exceeded the KZT 41 …


The 2013 sum of payments via e-Government portal has exceeded KZT 1 billion

mobile services and JSC " KazakhTelecom" services . Online payments for public utility services may be paid via the portal by citizens of Almaty, Astana and Kyzylorda cities. онлайн оплата через егов, портал электронного правительства, оплатить госпошлину, оплатить онлайн, онлайн оплаты РК, онлайн …


Now you may pay for the services of Kazakhtelecom JSC through the "electronic government" portal comission-free

service is commission-free.   FOR INFORMATION Today “electronic government” portal www.egov.kz provides 177 e-services as well as 81 licensing services. Portal gives opportunity to pay for state fees, taxes, fines and utility services. In Kazakhstan in 2012 the level of online payments significantly …


EGOV.KZ – 7 years!

On the 12th of April web-portal of electronic government reaches 7 years old! Today citizens of the country may obtain online 96 public services. Moreover 49 types of services (acceptance and check of different data, reserving, placing in turn, information view), payments of 20 types if state …


Useful online services

obtainment in the ranges of the Development program up to 2020 Utility payments Payment for communication services provided by Kazakhtelekom JSC Job placement and employment Searching the vacations and submiting the applications of taking part in the competetion Issuance of the duplicate of the certificate …

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PPC- payment purpose code

rental agreement (including payment for utilities expenses, communication services expenses and security, etc.); legal entity`s payment to an individual for the rent of individual`s personal property. 856 Payments for utility services, including: cquisition of utility services by individuals: cold and …

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Repatriate in Kazakhstan: help, privileges, adaptation

agricultural production for oralmans on the right of temporary land use is carried out from agricultural land, special land fund, immigration land fund and reserve lands. Material aid to oralmans: benefits, allowances, payments  Oralmans and their family members are provided with the following additional …

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What is the responsibility of AOC

the date of formation for each condominium object a current account in a second-tier bank to which contributions (payments) of owners of premises (apartments) for maintenance and current repair of the common property of this condominium object are transferred. Open for each condominium object a …

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Electricity meters: how to use and when to change

только латинские буквы, цифры, знаки "-" и "_". Порядок * Новая статья Показать вес строк ПОЛЕЗНЫЕ ССЫЛКИ Заголовок Utility payments The link title is limited to 1000 characters maximum. URL /cms/en/services/epay100_erc Заголовок Print a billing statement for electricity in Astana city The link title is …

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State due rates in courts

State fee - is a special form of tax which is charged when applying to various authorities as payments for certain acts of the law, or for the issuance of legal documents. Anyone who has to go to court, interested in the question, what the state duty is, in which case it is charged and what are its …

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You will have an access to the Mobile personal account , mobile services (view of queuing for housing, verification of uniqueness of LLP name) and payments which are not to be signed by the electronic digital signature.   How to transfer EDS to the mobile phone? If your telephone is on Android …


eGov mobile app

qualities testing. Payments: Payment for mobile communication; Payment for communication services of Kazakhtelecom JSC; Replenishment of the deposit/credit account with Zhilstroysberbank Kazakhstan JSC; Payment of utility services; Payment of property tax for individuals; Payment of fines, penalties …


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