August 16, 2019

National Information Technologies JSC informs of launching a new service called “Checking a status to participate in program to decrease debt load” on portal

August 16, 2019

"Ұлттық ақпараттық технологиялар" АҚ порталында "Борыштық жүктемені азайту бағдарламасына қатысу үшін мәртебені тексеру" жаңа сервисінің іске қосылғаны туралы хабарлайды

August 16, 2019

АО «Национальные информационные технологии» сообщает о запуске нового сервиса «Проверка статуса для участия в программе по снижению долговой нагрузки» на портале

August 13, 2019

National Information Technologies JSC announces the launch of a new e-government service: Issuance of information on the status and movement of social contributions to a participant of the compulsory social insurance system.

August 13, 2019

"Ұлттық ақпараттық технологиялар" АҚ "Міндетті әлеуметтік сақтандыру жүйесінің қатысушысына әлеуметтік аударымдардың жай-күйі мен қозғалыстары туралы ақпаратты беру" жаңа электрондық мемлекеттік көрсетілетін қызмет іске қосылғандығы туралы хабарлайды.

August 13, 2019

АО «Национальные информационные технологии» сообщает о запуске новой электронной государственной услуги: «Выдача участнику системы обязательного социального страхования информации о состоянии и движении социальных отчислений».

Smart Cities
smart aqkol
Smart Astana
Smart kostanay
Smart turkestan


In order to improve the efficiency of municipal services and to introduce smart technologies in Kazakhstan, the Smart City concept was developed.


Smart City is an initiative to improve the efficiency of urban resources and services management as well as infrastructure through the implementation of innovative solutions in order to create comfortable environment for citizens.

Housing and Utility Sector

Wi-Fi access points in the cities of Kazakhstan

Usage of smartphones in Kazakhstan in increasing every day and it is a great advantage to expand e-participation. In particular, smartphones are popular among youths and educated population who are the most active users of e-services. Thus, broadband public Internet proves rather essential when mobile devices are used.

Today, public Wi-Fi access points are available in all the Kazakhstani cities. Wi-Fi technology is intended to access the Internet on short distances and provides a high speed. Wi-Fi network is formed by access points. Around each access point a territory is formed in 50-100 meters radius, which is called hotspot or Wi-Fi zone.

Today, wider territory is covered by Wi-Fi zones, for instance educational organizations, cafes, hotels, parks, railway stations and airports. It is enough for a modern person to have a smartphone to access the Internet.

Examples of Smart City project financing models

Service-based informatization model
of MIID RK (for local executive bodies): The service for provision of housing to citizens in need from the state housing fund (investment in the amount of KZT 155 million)
Public-private partnership
NUR-SULTAN: Smart street lighting with IoT sensors (KZT 4.3 billion PPP investments)
Local budget
SHYMKENT: Implementation of blockchain-platform based on Collaborative Innovation approach (Budgetary investments in the amount of KZT 40 million)

Smart City Global Ratings

Almaty - 25th place out of 40 cities
Almaty - 177th place out of 231 cities
Nur-Sultan (Astana) - 460th place out of 500 cities, Almaty - 400th place out of 500 cities

How the Smart City concept will be implemented in Kazakhstani cities

  • Smart City concept was developed
  • Introduction of universal solutions (cloud EDMS, paper free, etc.)
2019 - 2020
  • Introduction of industry solutions (telemedicine, school management systems, etc.)
  • Interaction based on the principle of joint innovation
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