Oralmans are considered as foreign or stateless persons of Kazakh nationality those who at the moment of gaining the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan have resided outside the territory of the RK and arriving at Kazakhstan for the purpose of permanent residence under the article 1 of Population migration Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 204 dated 13th December, 1997.

At the first tenth anniversary of independence for about 60 thousand Kazakh families returned to their home land on data of Migration Committee under the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over 230 thousand persons coming from different countries were being provided by dwellings, also transport charges and social benefits have been paid. Considerable assistance is being provided by local executive bodies and the heads of large scale enterprisers and organizations.

Oralmans as other immigration subjects on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan have to be registered at their permanent or temporary place of residence within 5 calendar days. Registration is performed by identity documents. List of identity documents and order of registration are established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Persons who have the status of oralman have the broad spectrum of benefits in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Such as:

  • rendering employment assistance, in advanced training and mastering new profession;
  • conditions for learning state and Russian languages;
  • providing deferment from the ranks of armed services in order established by legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • allotment quota on entering the secondary professional and higher professional education institutions;
  • providing the neediest by places in schools, pre school organizations ;
  • pension and benefit payment;
  • realization of rehabilitated persons’ rights on benefits granted for the persons suffered from political mass repressions;
  • exemption from consular fees for visa issue on entering in the Republic of Kazakhstan;;
  • getting secured extent of Medicare under the legislation;
  • rendering state targeted social assistance provided for citizenry of the republic of Kazakhstan;
  • moving through frontier without levying customs duties and taxes;
  • free pass to the permanent place of residence and carriage of asset (including livestock);
  • allotment of means for purchasing dwelling and payment of lump sum grants.

The status of oralman is terminated after being admitted to citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Application for getting the status of oralman is submitted by the one adult of the family or through representative to diplomatic representatives, consular offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the territorial migration authority under Population migration Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 204 dated 13th December, 1997.

Consideration of an application on getting the status of oralman and including the family in immigration quota of oralmans also decisions on that issues are made by territorial migration and demography service bodies within 2 months from time of registration. Persons who have the status of oralman are issued the identity cards of standard form. Oralman’s identity card gives occasion to get benefits and compensations provided by Law.

What documents are necessary for acquisition the status of oralman?

Rights of oralmans