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Last update: 09.12.2020


One of the important tasks set in the State Program for the Development of Education of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 is the inclusion of at least two universities in world rankings. Kazakhstani higher educational institutions actively participate in global rankings, the most successful results they have in the QS rating. 

Based on the data by Independent Quality Assurance Agency in Education - Ranking IQAA-Ranking), the National Rating of the Best Kazakhstani Universities – 2020 was drawn up involving analysis of academic statistics indicators, expert assessment and employers` surveys. This year, opinions of students and graduates were also considered.

The calculation methodology for Universities Rating - 2020 is based on five components: the first component (Questionnaire No. 1) is an assessment of the quality of the university's academic resources, which accounts to 80% of the total number of points; the second component (Questionnaire No. 2) is an expert assessment of the quality of university activities (5%); the third component (Questionnaire No. 3) is an assessment of the general training level of university graduates based on a sociological survey of employers and government agencies (5%), the fourth component is an assessment of students (5%), and the last fifth component is an assessment of university graduates (5% ).

Questionnaire No. 1 is a questionnaire that includes 80 weight percent (the maximum score that a university can score is 800 points); it reflects the academic activities of the university. Universities provide source data to the agency, which is cross-checked by various methods; part of the information is requested by IQAA-Ranking from sources not related to a university.

Questionnaire No. 2 is a questionnaire that represents the average weighted reputation rating of universities by experts, includes 5 weight percent (50 points is the maximum score that a university can gain). The expert pool is determined by the Agency.

Questionnaire No. 3 is a questionnaire for employers, which determines the prestige of a university among employers, including government and regional agencies, it is reputational. This includes 5 weight percent (50 points is the maximum score that a university can score).

Questionnaire No. 4 is a questionnaire for students, which determines the level of student satisfaction with the quality of education, learning process and general atmosphere of the university, includes 5 weight percent (50 points is the maximum score that a university can score);

Questionnaire No. 5 is a questionnaire for graduates, which determines the results of employment and the level of satisfaction of graduates with the professional training of personnel in universities. This includes 5 weight percent (50 points is the maximum score that a university can score).

A survey of experts, employers, students and graduates was conducted through questionnaires sent by e-mail, responses were received from more than 500 employers, 150 experts, 3,000 students and 2,000 graduates.

This year, universities of multidisciplinary, technical, humanities, economic, medical and pedagogical directions as well as the direction of arts took part in the National Rating of Kazakhstani Universities - 2020.

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