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Last update: 10.12.2020


Although the school year starts on September 1, it is worth taking care of the child's enrolment in school in advance. Children who have reached the age of six and children who are six years old in the current calendar year can start school in general education organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, i.e. children born in September-December can go to the first grade, because until the end of the calendar year they will reach the age of full six years and have the right to be admitted to school. 

According to the Model Admission Rules for educational organizations implementing educational programs of primary, basic secondary and general secondary education, applications from parents or legal representatives of children entering the first grade are accepted from June 1 to August 30 of the current year.

Also, according to the Model Rules, recruitment of classes according to the level of training and the degree of development of students is not allowed, and the maximum number of students in one class should be no more than 25 students. 

Parents or other legal representatives of a child have the right to choose any educational organization for education (subject to availability).

Primary education organizations shall ensure that all seven year old children and children who turn six in the current calendar year living in the service area of the education organization are admitted to the first grade, regardless of their level of training.

The following documents are required for admission to the first grade:

  • a statement from parents (or persons in loco parentis);
  • a copy of the baby's birth certificate;
  • health certificate (medical certificate);
  • two photos 3 cm by 4 cm.

When admitting children to the first grade, the management of the educational institution shall familiarize the entrants and their parents with the admission rules, the charter and other documents governing the organization of the educational process.

No exams and tests or contests are held for admission to the first grade, except for specialized educational institutions, gymnasiums and lyceums.

Preparatory courses are organized for children who have not attended pre-school and have not completed pre-primary education before the beginning of the school year. Pre-primary education is mandatory. It covers all the children who go to first grade. This can be a PPE Class, kindergarten preparatory classes or short courses.

The competitive selection of children, without taking into account the place of residence, is provided for admission to the so-called high schools – gymnasiums and lyceums. In this selection process, the child is usually interviewed to determine whether he or she is prepared for the learning process. The interview is conducted by a commission consisting of primary school teachers, a psychologist and a social pedagogue.

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