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Last update: 04.05.2021

Baspana Hit is a private mortgage lending program for primary and secondary housing from the mortgage organization Baspana, which is the operator of the state program 7-20-25.

The program Baspana Hit is not a state, it does not have those restrictions and requirements for borrowers that are present in 7-20-25.

The conditions of the program Baspana Hit and its differences from the 7-20-25


Baspana Hit


Housing available by the program*

primary and secondary housing

primary housing only

Interest rate

10.75% per annum (the Amount of the annual nominal interest rate is determined on the date of the Bank loan agreement according to the formula "base rate + 175 basis points" and can not be changed during t

7% per annum

Maximum cost of housing

25 million tenge for the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Aktau, Atyrau;

 15 million tenge – for other regions.

Maximum loan amount

80% of the market value of the purchased housing

Loan term

up to 15 years

up to 25 years

An initial fee

20% or more

fixed 20 from the value of collateral

Requirements for the borrower

- citizenship of Kazakhstan;

- availability of income;

- absence of other mortgage loans.

- citizenship of Kazakhstan;

- availability of income;

- absence of other mortgage loans;

- lack of housing in the property;

- the program does not establish a relationship between the loan term and the maturity of the retirement age of the borrower.

Loan processing and servicing fees

Yes, banks set the size independently


Early repayment

not prohibited


Housing can be purchased in all regions of Kazakhstan. Just two simple steps – find a suitable home and contact any convenient Bank for You:

  • «CenterCreditBank» JSC
  • «Sberbank» JSC
  • «Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan» JSC
  • «Eurasian Bank» JSC
  • «ATFBank» JSC
  • «Jýsan Bank» JSC
  • «RBK Bank» JSC
  • «Forte Bank» JSC
  • “Altyn Bank” JSC

The procedure for registration of housing under the program Baspana Hit

1. It is necessary to find housing that suits a buyer and at the same time satisfies all the requirements of a bank for issuing a loan.

2. Then the buyer will need to agree with a landlord on his purchase through a mortgage. By agreeing to this procedure, a landlord must provide you (or a bank by himself) with copies of title documents and a certificate of the absence of encumbrances on housing.

3. After this, the procedure for estimating the cost of housing is carried out, which is conducted by the bank and an independent appraiser. The lowest price received as a result of the assessment will be a guideline for the bank.

4. Next, the buyer applies to the bank and applies for a loan. The bank checks his solvency and the absence of another mortgage loan. If the decision is positive, the bank notifies the buyer about the approval of a loan of a certain amount in accordance with the estimated cost of housing. If the loan amount of the initial payment is less than the amount requested by the seller, then you need to agree with him about the surcharge or cancel the transaction at this stage.

5. After that, the buyer and the seller enter into a contract of sale through a notary, and register it. The registered contract is provided to the bank.

6. Then the buyer at the bank agrees on a loan agreement, a payment schedule and a pledge agreement for the purchased housing.

7. The pledge agreement is registered with the Government for Citizens SC, NCJSC or at a notary, after registering the pledge agreement, the bank transfers the amount to the seller. The seller gives the buyer the keys to the apartment.

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