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Business Identification Number for Resident Legal Entities (BIN) Printable version

Last update: 10.03.2020

All legal entities in the Republiс of Kazakhstan should have or obtain business identification numbers.

Business identification number (BIN) – is a unique number formed for the legal entity (branch and representative office), joint entrepreneurship.

Registration of all the BINs is preceded by the special information system – national register of identification numbers. BIN is the single identification instead of registration number of justice agencies, taxpayer number and code of statistics agencies. 

How to obtain a BIN?

The procedure is not complicated. BIN is assigned by the justice agencies automatically at any address for re-registration.

For the BIN issue you need to submit the following documents to the registering authority:

  • application;
  • originals of entitlement documents (statute, entitlement agreement);
  • branch statute;
  • original of the certificate of state registration of the legal entity, affiliation and representative offices;
  • statistical card.

If the documents are submitted not by the head of the organization the second party should bring with himself letter of attorney with signature and the seal of the head of the organization. Then the registering authority an order on reissuance of the state registration certificate and issues a reference with BIN.

The documents of legal entity which contain BIN:

  • certificate of the state registration, reregistration of the legal entity, record registration (reregistration) of the branch, representative office – for legal entities – residents, their affiliations and representative offices;
  • certificate of the record registration (reregistration) of the branch, representative office – for legal entities not residents, carrying out activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan through the branch, representative office (with permanent establishment).

Assignment of BIN to legal entities is free.

Renewal of the issued certificates of the state (record) registration or re-registration of small businesses, their branches and representations should be made ​​not later than three working days from the date of filling the application with the required documents, and other legal entities, their branches and representative offices - not later than ten working days from the date of filing the attachment application with the required documents.

Where you may obtain a BIN?

Assignment of the identification number is carried out at the registered body at the location.

Definition of BIN numbers

BIN consists of 12 figures and contains information about the legal entity.

The first part consists of 4 figures and includes the year (two last figures) and the month of state and record registration or reregistration of the legal entity, branches, representative offices.

The second part consists of one figure and means the type of the legal entity:

4 – for legal entities – residents.

The third part also consists of one figure and stays for additional feature and is determined as follows:

0 – the number of the lead element of the legal entity;

1 – of the branch of the legal entity;

2 – representative offices of the legal entity.

The forth consists of 5 figures and includes numerical order of registration in the system of legal entity;

The fifth part consists of one figure and is determined automatically – check digit.
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