Instruction for service recipients to provide a proactive service "Birth of a child" Printable version

Last update: 14.06.2019

Instruction to provide a proactive service:

  1. When you receive an SMS message with a congratulation, you need to select the language for receiving the service, for which you need to answer it in the R X X format, where X is the numbers indicated in the message.

Particular attention, the message must begin with an English letter R with no spaces in front of it, between the letter R and each digit there is a space (for example, R 1 1 2).

  1. After a certain time, you will receive the following SMS message requesting the surname, name and patronymic (if available) of the child. You need to reply to the SMS message in the format as in the first message.
  2. After sending an SMS message with the surname, name and patronymic (if available), you will receive SMS inquiries in order to provide information on the level of education, the source of income and the registration authority. The answers to these requests also need to be done, starting with R without spaces before it and repeating the initial numbers to add the missing ones. In total, the answer must be at least 4 digits, except the letter R (for example, R 1 1 2 1).
  3. After submitting all the above information, an electronic application for registration will be generated, which will be sent to the selected registration authority. This will be reported by an additional information message on the status of the application for the registration of the birth of a child.
  4. After the registration process is completed, an SMS message will be sent to you indicating the place of receipt of the completed document. Also this SMS message indicates the need for attendance for obtaining a certificate with a medical certificate of birth.
  5. After informing, you will receive one more inquiry in order to determine whether you are of a preferential category for placing on the queue at a kindergarten in a special category. If you are not a beneficiary, then indicate the lack of benefits. Otherwise, you will be recommended to apply to the Akimat for setting in a preferential queue. The answer should be formalized as in the previously sent messages.
  6. After that, you will be asked to choose a settlement. The answer should be formalized as in the previously sent messages. After specifying the settlement, the request is sent to the Akimat for putting on the queue at the kindergarten, this will be reported in the SMS notification indicating the status of the application.
  7. After the process of putting on the queue, you will be sent an SMS message with the queue number.
  8. After all the above actions, you will receive an SMS-inquiry to confirm the order of birth of the child, because the amount of benefits depends on the number of children. It is necessary to send a response message indicating the child's order number according to the format of the previously sent messages (for example, R 1 1 is the first child, R 1 2 is the second child, R 1 3 is the third child, etc.).
  9. If the check of the number of children has passed, you will receive an SMS-inquiry to confirm/enter the bank account number for the purpose of benefits and payments. To do this, you must confirm or enter the bank account number using the response SMS message.
  10. Otherwise, you will receive an SMS message about the need for personal application. Further, an electronic application is formed, which is submitted for consideration to the authorized bodies, and as a result, a benefit is assigned, of which you will be informed via SMS.
  11. At this stage, the proactive service is over, thank you for using public services!

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