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Admission to military universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan Printable version

Last update: 08.07.2020

A citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the right to enter a military educational institution of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the following conditions: 

  1. If a citizen did not do military service and reached the age of 17 in a year of admission, but no older than 22 years old;
  2. If a citizen did military service and reached the age of 24 in a year of admission;
  3. If a citizen doing military service under the contract until the age of 25.

An applicant should apply to a local military authority (military commissariat) until April 30 and provide a national ID and conscription registration certificate. 

Undergoing medical examination at military commissariat

The local military authority (military commissariat) organizes a medical examination, i.e. body check. Date, list of necessary certificates and documents are specified at the place of application.

The following is needed to undergo a medical examination: national ID, conscription registration certificate, certificate from a narcological clinic, certificate from a neuropsychiatric clinic, certificate from a TB dispensary. Concerning the other documents that are required, contact a local military authority.

Taking Unified National Testing (UNT)

One of the requirements for admission to a military university is the successful passing of UNT. A candidate should score at least 50 points in 5 subjects in UNT or integration testing of applicants including at least 7 points in mathematical literacy or mathematics and at least 4 points in other subjects.

Undergoing medical examination at military university  

A military educational organization organizes a medical examination, which is similar to the procedure at military commissariat.

Professional and psychological selection

Professional and psychological selection is a test that determines the level of psychological readiness of a candidate for service in the Armed Forces and training in military universities of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Check of physical fitness

Testing of physical fitness involves passing by the candidates of three standards for physical fitness: pull-ups on the bar, running for 3000 meters, running for 100 meters.

Competitive selection and enrollment

Based on the results of all the selection tests, the final candidates for enrollment to the military university are determined. Enrollment is carried out after the credentials committee takes place, at which the result is announced to a candidate.

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