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Last update: 23.05.2023

Open budgets portalThe Open Budgets portal ( is a component of the Open Government project, it was created to ensure transparent budgeting and development of public control over budget expenditures.

According to the Law "On Access to Information" on the portal, state bodies and institutions of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, local government and self-government publish budget reports, consolidated financial statements, the results of state audit and financial control, and public discussion of draft budget programs and reports on their implementation.

Comments, remarks and suggestions can be left by every citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who is interested in issues of spending the budget.

Work with the portal

In order to get acquainted with the information on the implementation of budget programs, click on the Budget programs tab and select the appropriate subsection: Project, Approved Programs or Implementation Reports.

In the opened window there will be a list of all available documents of the selected category, which can be filtered by central state and local executive bodies.

Go to the page of the budget program of interest, you will get acquainted with its full description, each item of which is available for commenting. Also, here you can download the source document in Excel format.

For commenting, you need authorization, which in turn requires registration on the portal. Details of this procedure are described in the section For the first time on the portal of the e-government portal.

The Materials section contains data on consolidated financial statements, budgetary reporting of state bodies, and information on the results of state audit and financial control.

Consolidated financial statements in turn consist of the following documents:

  • Consolidated balance sheet;
  • Consolidated statement of financial performance;
  • Consolidated statement of cash flows (direct method);
  • Consolidated statement of changes in net assets / equity;
  • Explanatory note to the consolidated financial statements.

Budget reporting includes:

  • Reports on the execution of local budgets;
  • Reports on the execution of the republican budget;
  • Reports on the execution of the state budget;
  • Reports on the execution of the consolidated budget;
  • Reports on the execution of the budgets of regions;
  • Reports on the implementation of budget programs;
  • Reports on the implementation of the strategic plan;
  • Reports on the proceeds and use of the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The report page shows the type of budget, the name of the SB, the date of approval and actuality, the report itself, a link to download documents.

The section Archive contains all the projects, approved programs and reports on the implementation of budget programs, for which public discussions have already taken place.

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