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Oralmans (repatriants) status and rights Printable version

Last update: 06.04.2020

Oralmans are foreigners or stateless persons of Kazakh nationality permanently residing at the time of acquiring the sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan outside its borders and arriving in Kazakhstan with the purpose of permanent residence.

Persons who received the Oralman Status have a fairly wide range of benefits in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main ones are:

  • assistance in employment, professional development and learning of a new profession;
  • creation of conditions for studying state and Russian languages;
  • release from service in the Armed Forces in the manner established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • allocation of quota for admission to the organization of secondary professional and higher professional education;
  • providing places for children in schools, pre-school organizations, and social protection institutions;
  • payment of pensions and benefits;
  • realization of the rights restored in citizenship for compensation for victims of mass political repressions;
  • exemption from consular fees for issuing visas for entry into the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • receiving free of charge the guaranteed volume of medical assistance in accordance with the legislation;
  • provision of state targeted assistance provided for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • moving across the border without charging customs duties and taxes;
  • free of charge travel to a permanent place of residence and transportation of property (including livestock);
  • allocation of funds for the acquisition of housing at the place of arrival and payment of one-time benefits.

How to get Oralman Status

Rights and duties of oralmans

Termination of the Oralman Status


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