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Last update: 31.03.2021

One of the basic rights of citizens is the right to apply personally to state bodies and local self-government bodies in order to realize and protect their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.

The appeal must be addressed to a person or an official whose competence includes resolving the issues raised in the appeal. In the appeal of an individual, his/her surname, first name, and also his/her patronymic - optional, individual identification number (if any), postal address, legal entity - its name, postal address, business identification number are indicated. The appeal must be signed by an individual or representative of a legal entity.

When filing a complaint, the name of the person or position, the names and initials of officials whose actions are appealed, motives of appeal and demands are indicated.

An applicant who directly applied in writing or by means of a video message to the person is issued a coupon indicating the date and time, the surname and initials of the person who accepted the appeal.

The appeals are subject to compulsory admission, registration, record and review.  Refusal to accept treatment is prohibited.

Not subject to consideration:

  • an anonymous appeal, except for cases when such an appeal contains information about criminal offenses being prepared or committed, or about a threat to state or public security and that is subject to immediate redirection to state bodies in accordance with their competence;
  • an appeal in which the essence of the matter is not stated.

The appeal must be addressed to a person or an official whose competence includes resolving the issues raised in the appeal. If the authority of the official does not include the resolution of the issues put in the appeal, the applicant shall be notified of this within a period of not more than three working days from the date of receipt.

Based on the results of consideration of appeals, one of the following decisions is made:

  • on full or partial satisfaction of the appeal;
  • on the refusal to satisfy the appeal with the justification for the adoption of such a decision;
  • on giving clarification on the substance of the appeal;
  • on the termination of consideration of the appeal.

Responses to appeals must be substantiated and motivated in the state language or language of the appeal with reference to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, contain specific facts that refute or confirm the applicant's arguments, explaining their right to appeal against the decision.

Terms of consideration of the appeal

Personal reception of individuals and representatives of legal entities


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