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Last update: 30.09.2022

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Availability of free-of-charge access to online public services

Public services can be obtained online on external platforms of Kazpost JSC, second-tier banks, First Credit Bureau, and also some of the services are available in eGovMobile app, eGovKzBot2.0 Telegram Bot and Facebook/ VK social media.

Obtainment of personal credit report

One can check a credit report via the website of *First Credit Bureau or mobile app (digital signature is required) by ordering the service called Obtainment of personal credit report. Fill in a request, sign it using digital signature and familiarize with the result in Personal Account.

The service is delivered offline in “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation and Kazpost JSC branches upon provision of national ID.

*Due to the coronavirus pandemic, First Credit Bureau offices have temporarily ceased provision of services offline.

Payment via mobile apps in second-tier banks

The service to establish an IE (individual entrepreneurship) was introduced in second-tier banks (Halyk Bank, Kaspi Bank, Alpha Bank).

Using the mobile apps of second-tier banks (Halyk Bank, Kaspi Bank, Sberbank) one can make tax payments, check and pay for fines (traffic violations, judicial debts, administrative fines), while on KazPost website one can make social payments.

To date, digital documents service has been integrated with the following information systems:

  • Kaspi Bank JSC;
  • Astana and Almaty airports;
  • “Otbasy Bank” Housing Construction Savings Bank JSC;
  • Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC;
  • SMIS (Single Notary Information System).
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