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How to open tourist agency in RK? Printable version

Last update: 19.09.2023

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Tourist agency activity - is an entrepreneur activity of legal entities and/or individuals on promotion and realization of tourist product, made by tour operator.

According to legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on permits and notifications tour operator activity is a licensed activity. However a license to open tourist agency is not required.Travel agency activities are carried out in a notification procedure. So, if you are planning to open tour agency, the first step you need to do is to register as individual entrepreneur or limited liability partnership.   

Which way is better to register tourist agency?  

Planning to open own touristic agency, may businessmen think of better form to register it: as individual entrepreneur or as limited liability partnership. Each form has its own pluses and minuses.

One of the advantages of individual entrepreneur is easy way to register it, it requires minimum documents and time and takes less time. It is also more economical. Besides IE has easy form of taxation and accounting. The level of administrative responsibility in IE is considerably less, however responsibility in front of partners and clients is very high. For example, in case if individual entrepreneur is not able to pay the debt, he must pay to the creditors own property.  This is, of course, big minus. One more negative side of IE is that it excludes the possibility of co-partnership, as business in this case belongs only to one person.

Advantage of registration of tourist agency as limited liability partnership is that as opposed to IE there can be several founders, thus you may do your business with partners, develop your work, open branches. Also you should note that such form of business organization has the range of obstacles: you must provide more documents, for preparation of which you will spend much time. For record keeping you need to employ accountant, as it much harder for legal entity and leader will not be able to cope with it: there is a necessity to seek the help of professional.    

Now you have an idea about plusses and minuses of these forms of business organization. And can decide which one is more comfortable for you.

Choosing a tour operator

Further tour agent need to choose his tour operator, who will notify the firm on implementation into sale of new tours and offers, develops the services specially for your agency in accordance with situation.

Realization of tour operator is allowed upon availability of valid agreement of compulsory insurance tourist.

The purpose of compulsory insurance tourist is the protection of property and/or other interests of tourists upon realization of activity of tour operator on rendering of tourist services.

Tour agent promotes and realizes for tourist only touristic product,  developed by tour operator in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Data on tour operator and tour agent are written into state registry of persons making touristic activity on the basis of their applications.

Promotion and realization of touristic product by tour agent is realized on the basis of agent agreement on realization of touristic product made by tour operator in written form. Agent agreement for realization of touristic product between tour operator and tour agent obligatory must contain data on tour operator who made a touristic product, description of touristic route, true information on touristic product.

After you made all about mentioned activities, you need to:

  • find premises;
  • prepare equipment;
  • find employees;
  • advertisement and search of clients.  

To buy air tickets to chosen by client tour you need to conclude an agreement with some air agency which will buy them.

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