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March 16, 2023

The Digital Documents service by MDDIAI, which includes documents of a citizen (national ID, passport, driver's license, etc.), documents about a family (marriage certificate, birth certificates for children) has been replenished with another document (Other Documents tab), namely insurance policy for vehicle owners, which enables each vehicle owner to have a digital version of a document.

Projects in the field of AI

Smart School


The Smart School project was implemented in Petropavlovsk in S. Shaymerdenov public school, which enables parents to know when and at what time a child visited school, and also, how much s/he spent for meals. Previously, parents had no idea on their children playing truant from school or even worse if a child had not be able to come to school. Access Control Management System was specifically designed for educational organizations as it prevents penetration of strangers and notifies parents via SMS on the time their child come to school and leave it. Also, “e-Canteen” module was launched which enables students paying for their meals online using specialized cards. The cards contain information on a student`s preferences and also can be used for payment.


Smart Kindergarten


The Smart Kindergarten project was implemented in Petropavlovsk in “Altyn Besik” kindergarten, which enables keeping online attendance record and monitoring children development, and also automating internal processes. Although parents bring children to kindergartens themselves, the system prevents penetration of strangers as pass permits are only available for parents. Moreover, data on child`s development, nutrition and health can be filled in into the system, so that it`s easier to track progress. Gradually, the project will be implemented in 14 public pre-school establishments of the city.


E-Kundelik (e-School Diary)


“E-Kundelik” automated educational information system combines e-workflow capabilities for educational organizations with tools of social networking cooperation between all the participants of educational process: teachers, parents and students.

Key areas:

• Modernization of school education.

• Integration of state-of-the-art ICT to educational process.

• Development of “teacher-pupil-parents” interactive communication.

• Implementation of single information exchange environment.

• Establishment and maintenance of school ecosystem.

• Provision of capabilities for remote education.

Projects in the field of BD

NED (National Educational Database)


Over 20 thousand educational organizations (education boards; pre-school organizations; schools and colleges) are registered in NED, which contains information on material and technical facilities used in educational process (books, computers and so on). In general, the information forms on 2800 indicators.

The entire information is filled in by employees. Information is certified by digital signature and regions bear responsibility for its reliability.


System to gather, process and analyze big data


• Development of system to gather, process and analyze big data with application of cloud technologies to enhance labour efficiency and decision-making was considered.

• Acoustic framework was created that contains Kazakh speech with a length no less than 40 hours as well as framework of parallel texts (Kazakh and Russian) in the amount of at least 100 thousand words (in conjunction for both languages).

• Literature review was performed of existing methods of dependency tree creation, existing methods and technologies to mark human activity based on video materials and pictures, methods of gathering and marking tonality of data on multivalued scale, and also development of program to mark tonality of texts.

• Acoustic model of the Kazakh language was created based on neural networks.

• Literature review was performed of methods and algorithms of computer-based translation based on statistical approach and examination of quality evaluation methods for computer-based translation, types of human thinking processes and semantic analysis methods applied to them.


System for Education Data Analysis


Application of Big Data technology leads us to a completely new approach in detecting and analyzing citizens’ needs in obtaining qualitative education, which in its turn leads to enhancement of education system quality in generals.

The following is presented on “System for education data analysis” portal:

• information about schools (location, type, language of study);

• information about the number of pupils as well as information about deficiency and surplus of pupils in national general education schools;

• comprehensive assessment of general education schools on the following criteria: (1) pupils` educational outcomes, (2) pupils` involvement in obtaining additional education, (3) teaching staff qualities and (4) material and technical facilities of schools;.

• capability to compare schools based on basic quality characteristics.

Also, the Portal`s advantage is that it contains capabilities to check diplomas issued online by organizations of higher, technical and professional education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (

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