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March 29, 2023

Now, the government offers Kazakhstani families to get targeted social assistance in a proactive format without the need to provide any documents. Recipients of targeted social assistance receive a notification through an SMS from eGov.kz
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March 29, 2023

Енді мемлекет қазақстандық отбасыларға құжатсыз проактивті форматта атаулы әлеуметтік көмек (АӘК) алуды ұсынып отыр. Атаулы әлеуметтік көмек алушыларға SMS хабарлама eGov.kz сайтынан автоматты түрде жіберіледі
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March 29, 2023

Теперь государство предлагает семьям Казахстана в проактивном формате без единого документа получить адресную социальную помощь (АСП). Уведомление получателям адресной социальной помощи поступает с помощью автоматической рассылки SMS сообщения от eGov.kz
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March 28, 2023

The Academy INVITES all the civil servants and others with at least 2 years of experience to study!
Digitalization of finance

Digitalization of finance

Today the sphere of finance is an integral part of any economy of the country, since the activity of this sphere concerns absolutely every state unit, private organization, and individual citizen. Therefore, for the effective conduct of activities in the field of finance, it is necessary to exclude the human factor as much as possible, the task of which can be achieved to a greater extent thanks to digitalization.


As part of digitalization, the Ministry of Finance is working on several projects at once, which relate not only to the tax and customs block, but also to integrate the business processes of the budget block, including budget planning. This area includes tax collection, execution of public procurement and improving the quality of public audit and control.


Also, within the framework of creating an open state and providing the population and business with high-quality state services, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan is working on the implementation of services in the Open API format.


Among the main tasks are optimization and automation of business processes, improvement of the quality of services, as well as strengthening of measures to combat corruption.

services are implemented on the portal "Electronic government procurement"
86 thsd.
users of IS "Electronic invoices" use the API service
companies use EGP information to generate analytics
KZT 315 mln.
documents have been processed since the launch of the Electronic Invoice Service API
86 thsd.
users of IS "Electronic invoices" use the API service
Development plan
  • Implementation of remote identification of a person
  • Development of measures to develop non-cash payments and reduce cash turnover
  • Implementation of regulation in terms of the creation of Open platforms (Open API) in the financial industry
  • Erroneous payments will be reduced by 3 times, and the time spent on paying taxes using an electronic wallet will also be reduced by 75%
  • 985 state institutions of the Republic of Belarus form budget applications for 2020-2022 in electronic form
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