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April 20, 2021

On April 1st, 2021, National Information Technologies JSC in cooperation with Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development and Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry launched the national system called “Electronic Vehicle Passport” throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan

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April 20, 2021

2021 жылғы 1 сәуірден бастап «Ұлттық ақпараттық технологиялар» АҚ Индустрия және инфрақұрылымдық даму министрлігімен және Цифрлық даму, инновациялар және аэроғарыш өнеркәсібі министрлігімен бірлесіп, Қазақстан Республикасының барлық аумағында «Көлік құралдарының электрондық паспорты» ұлттық жүйесін іске қосты
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April 20, 2021

С 1 апреля 2021 года АО «Национальные информационные технологии», совместно с Министерством индустрии и инфраструктурного развития и Министерством цифрового развития, инноваций, аэрокосмической промышленности, запустили национальную систему «Электронный паспорт транспортных средств» на всей территории Республики Казахстан
eGov 15 years

April 12, 2021

On April 12, 15 years ago, eGov.kz started its operation as mechanism for interaction between government agencies and citizens in digital space. Today, about 12 million Kazakhstani citizens, and this is about 62 % of population, get online pubic services.




Project`s objective:

Online execution of public procurement to ensure transparency of the process and efficiency of budget funds utilization.

Description of the project:

“E-public procurement” automated integrated information system is intended to perform online public procurement. The system enables to conclude e-contracts to cover customer needs in goods, works and services; to consolidate contracts; to execute procurement processes; to designate suppliers; to publish data on concluded contracts and results for their use on public procurement portal.




Project`s objective:

Assistance in implementation of tasks set by clause 38-40 of the “100 Concrete Steps” National Plan announced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on May 2015.

Description of the project:

The project involves cooperation with State Revenue Committee under Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan through which United Nations Conference on Trade And Development (UNCTAD) will deliver technical assistance and support to State Revenue Committee under Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan in upgrading and automating customs procedures, implementing e-declaring and enhancing workforce capacity.


“One-stop shop for export/import operations”


Project`s objective:

Reduction of the number of documents required for export/import as well as reduction of time needed for documents` processing. Development of e-declaring system (implementation of automated system for customs clearance of goods).


Description of the project:

Issues of creating an effective system for regulation, control and coordination of foreign economic activities directly affect the increase of economic upturn and the country`s competitiveness. Implementation of one-stop shop principle for export/import operations is one of the tools to tackle the issues.


One-stop shop comprises 13 information resources, and also integration was performed with 11 government agencies` information systems.


The portal`s features include the following elements:

- Obtainment of e-permit documents and licenses;

- E-services related to obtaining a status of an individual, who performs activities in the field of customs affairs;

- E-customs declaration;

- E-services related to issuance of customs preliminary decisions;

- Integrated customs tariff;

- References and registers of documents;

- Searching and viewing regulatory documents.


VAT administering with application of Blockchain technology


Project`s objective:

Settlement of state revenue agencies` issues related to VAT reimbursement.

Description of the project:

Creation of decentralized database that enables tracking taxpayers` financial transactions chains and reimbursing VAT. The existing administering practice has a number of flaws, including fraudulent and corruption schemes as well as time consuming and complicated VAT reimbursement procedure. Now, information on all transactions (for instance, issuance of invoice, payment) will be displayed in all the sites of Blockchain network in distributed register. This provides a high level of data safety and excludes cash withdrawal to shadow turnover. An important element of the system is Smart Contracts. It comprises automatic execution of the Tax Code rules. VAT declaration forms automatically without an accountant`s involvement; VAT reimbursement to the budget is guaranteed and is performed without inspection by tax authorities. Thus, VAT reimbursement terms for exporters were reduced from 55 days to 15 days. Therefore, a new method accelerates VAT reimbursement terms, makes the processes transparent and excludes frauds.


“Online Cash Register for Business”


Project`s objective:

• No inspections by tax agencies

• Decrease of corruption (less interaction with tax agencies` employees)

• Automation of financial accounting and remote availability of financial information on a company

Description of the project:

Online Cash Register for Business is a service that enables an entrepreneur to keep financial accounting of business online and automatically submit tax statements to regulatory agencies.

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