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June 21, 2024

Now users can apply for the service of recognition of documents on higher/ secondary/ technical and post-secondary education via the e-Gov portal online
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June 21, 2024

Енді пайдаланушылар онлайн режимінде электрондық үкіметтің порталында жоғары, орта, техникалық және орта білімнен кейінгі білім туралы құжаттарды тану қызметіне өтінім бере алады
красный диплом

June 21, 2024

Теперь пользователи могут подать заявку на услугу признания документов о высшем, среднем, техническом и послесреднем образовании на портале электронного правительства в режиме онлайн

Medical certificates with QR-code for protection against forgery


Project`s objective: to eliminate forgery of medical certificates and capabilities to do this and to ensure transparency of the process.

Project`s benefits: enables checking the authenticity of medical certificate via Smart Astana mobile app.


Smart outpatient clinic


Project`s objective: to reduce queues and the number of medical malpractice, in particular, when prescribing medical products and issuing checkup referrals. To enhance accuracy, timeliness and informational value of medical tests (by reducing the number of acute exacerbations of chronic diseases and decreasing the general incidence of disease) and to increase the degree of treatment correspondence to the established standards.

Project`s benefits: capability to book an appointment to outpatient clinic specialists using one of the following methods:

• Outpatient clinic`s call center

• e-Gov Portal

• Mobile app

• Terminal for making self-appointment which is located in outpatient clinic`s lobby


A robot surgeon


The Reference Center for Robotic Surgery was established and opened on the basis of the hospital of the Medical Center of the Administration of Affairs of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and provides all the opportunities for the implementation of a new direction in medicine in Kazakhstan - surgery with the help of a robot. This is the first such project in the post-Soviet space, created not only for the purpose of clinical trials and operations, but also for the training and professional development of doctors.

The robot-surgeon is designed to help the specialist by providing three-dimensional observation of the surgical field; multiple enlargement of the image of the operated organs; absolute elimination of tremors of the hands; absence of large incisions and rapid recovery period of the patient; minimal risk of infection; absence of serious pain after surgery.


AI for oncology treatment


Treatment of oncological diseases requires an individual approach to the patient and constant monitoring of the situation, as there are no universal methods of treatment. Artificial intelligence, which has recently been introduced into pilot testing in Kazakhstan's healthcare system, can help track global treatment experience and make more accurate diagnoses. To address this issue, pilot testing was conducted using Watson for Oncology IBM, which is a cognitive platform that provides evidence-based medicine to oncologists. The program selects individual treatment methods, scales access to oncological expertise and analyzes large volumes of medical literature, processing data from more than 300 medical scientific journals, 200 textbooks and almost 15 million pages of text. Watson for Oncology's artificial intelligence has been trained by leading oncologists from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Watson for Oncology and has successful experience in 15 advanced countries around the world.




Project`s objective: identification of medical staff needs in business processes automation and its provision for them; engagement of socially significant and innovative offers in the field of healthcare, domestic mobile app developers and IT marketing experts.

Project`s benefits: enables connecting doctors and patients that live in rural areas, which allows doctors to perform consultations online , so that rural citizens do not have to visit regional center.


Interoperability platform


The Health Interoperability Platform is a key project in the digitalization of health care. It will unite all existing information systems and components, giving physicians access to all databases and services through a single window. Today, doctors work separately in the inpatient care system, in the resource management system and in the register of attached population. In parallel, other systems register pregnant women, drug addicts, etc.

The effect for the state:

The interoperability platform will combine more than 20 different information systems under one interface, which will facilitate the work of physicians and reduce the time required to contribute different categories of data.


DariKz mobile app


Project`s objective: to obtain detailed information on a medical product with the help of smartphone/gadget

Project`s benefits:

• capability to view information on issued certificates

• function that allows to submit an appeal on a medical product`s price, if it exceeds the price that was approved by legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

• detailed information on a product (shelf life, price deviations against standards, specific patterns and so on.)


Electronic Health Passport


Goal of the project: providing access to complete information on the patient's health status: history, chronic diseases, allergies, medications. All key human health information, regardless of the location of care and the information system used by the health care organization, will be collected in one single database.

Advantages of the project:

• the Electronic Health Passport is available remotely and ensures that all data is secure. Patients no longer have to tell their medical history and carry a lot of documents with them;

• in addition to being convenient for doctors and patients, the system will help reduce paperwork in hospitals and significantly reduce paper costs.

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