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August 4, 2022

National Information Technologies JSC has fully restored the operation of e-Gov components, including portal, Open Government portal, eGov mobile app and the major state databases (State Databases of Individuals/Legal Entities, etc.). Also, delivery of public services is available in CSC, specialized CSC and second-tier banks.
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August 4, 2022

«Ұлттық ақпараттық технологиялар» АҚ элекрондық үкімет компоненттерінің, соның ішінде порталының, Ашық үкімет порталының, eGov mobile мобильді қосымшасының және негізгі мемлекеттік дерекқорлардың (ЖТ МДБ, ЗТ МДБ және т.б.) жұмысы толық қалпына келтірілді.

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August 4, 2022

АО «Национальные информационные технологии» полностью восстановили работоспособность компонентов электронного правительства, в том числе портала, портала Открытого правительства, мобильного приложения eGov mobile и основных государственных баз данных (ГБД ФЛ, ЮЛ и др.)


August 3, 2022

Today, due to the failure of government agencies` server center infrastructure, certain state databases and e-Gov components were unavailable.


August 3, 2022

Бүгін мемлекеттік органдардың серверлік орталығы инфрақұрылымының істен шығуына байланысты жеке мемлекеттік деректер базалары мен электрондық үкіметтің компоненттеріне қолжетісіздігі байқалды.


August 3, 2022

Сегодня вследствие сбоя на инфраструктуре серверного центра государственных органов, наблюдалась недоступность отдельных государственных баз данных и компонентов электронного правительства.

information statement

August 3, 2022

Currently, there is an incorrect operation of the components of the portal, Open Government portal, eGov mobile application and state database of individuals.
Robotization & blockchain
Unified Register of Administrative Proceedings
Postal drones in Kazakhstan
Robots work at factories in Western Kazakhstan
The first robot surgeon in Kazakhstan
Robotization & blockchain

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology began to gain traction and popularity in many developed countries such as Australia, Estonia, and Singapore, especially in their areas of finance. Now they are already trying to use this technology for efficient and secure storage and processing of personal data.

Given the rapid growth of blockchain technology and its successful application by most of the countries developed in the field of digitalization, for Kazakhstan this direction is one of the priorities for achieving a successful digital transformation.

Despite the fact that blockchain technology has begun to popularize relatively recently in Kazakhstan, a number of interesting projects in this direction have already been implemented or are at the planning stage.


Goal: Delivery of correspondence and small items to remote, inaccessible areas, especially in difficult weather conditions.

General information

20 drone units of postmen

4 kg. transport weight

Indicators for 2017

1600 kg. of newspapers and magazines

• has covered 16,000 kilometres in 460 hours

Indicators for 2018

11,000 kg of newspapers and magazines

74,000 km in 460 hours over


Robotic process automation is one of the core elements of Industry 4.0 and an integral part of the digitalization process. Industrial robots are being actively introduced in the extractive and manufacturing sector of Kazakhstan in order to improve control over production processes, increase labor productivity, and improve efficiency and safety of production.


As robotization develops in Kazakhstan, robotics skills are becoming more and more popular. For the purpose, within the framework of the «Digital Kazakhstan" State Program in national education:


robotics courses are being introduced

372 robotics clubs are in operation

training programmes have been developed and implemented

on the subject of «Fundamentals of Programming»

and «Robotics» in primary school

for development and support

of talented young people on a regular basis

Hackathons and Olympiads are held


Robotization is used not only in production automation, but also in other areas, such as medicine and mail delivery.

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