June 24, 2024

Now the service for registration at an outpatient clinic is available not only for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also for kandas and non-residents of the country. When registering with a medical organization, users can now select a doctor and view information about a medical organization.


June 24, 2024

Енді емханаға тіркелу қызметі тек ҚР азаматтары үшін ғана емес, сонымен қатар қандастар мен бейрезиденттер үшін де қолжетімді. Енді медициналық мекемеге тіркелу барысында пайдаланушылар дәрігерді таңдай алады, сонымен қатар медициналық қызмет көрсету учаскесінің нөмірі туралы ақпаратты көре алады.


June 24, 2024

Теперь услуга прикрепления к поликлинике доступна не только для граждан РК, но и для кандасов и нерезидентов страны. Теперь в процессе прикрепления к медицинскому учреждению пользователи могут выбрать врача, а также увидеть информацию о номере участка медицинского обслуживания.

red diploma

June 21, 2024

Now users can apply for the service of recognition of documents on higher/ secondary/ technical and post-secondary education via the e-Gov portal online
қызыл диплом

June 21, 2024

Енді пайдаланушылар онлайн режимінде электрондық үкіметтің порталында жоғары, орта, техникалық және орта білімнен кейінгі білім туралы құжаттарды тану қызметіне өтінім бере алады
красный диплом

June 21, 2024

Теперь пользователи могут подать заявку на услугу признания документов о высшем, среднем, техническом и послесреднем образовании на портале электронного правительства в режиме онлайн

Robot surgeon


Reference center for robot-assisted surgery was established on the basis of hospital under Department of Presidential Affairs of the RoK and comprises all the capabilities for implementation of a new area of medicine in Kazakhstan, which is robot-assisted surgery. It is the first project of the kind in post-Soviet countries created not only to perform clinical investigations and operations but also to ensure training of doctors and developing their qualifications.


Robot surgeon is designed to assist specialists by providing 3D monitoring during operation and multiple zooming of operative organs as well as excluding arm tremor. Also, it enables avoiding big cuts and ensures fast recovery period; minimal contamination risks and lack of serious pain sensations after operation.


Prosthetic robots


Bionic prosthesis is an artificial analogue imitating the work of a lost organ. Today, state-of-the-art technologies enables creating devices that most closely resemble functions of human limbs. A number of biological prosthesis existing on the market enable owners to perform a wide spectrum of activities such as holding items and cutleries, writing, walking and even doing sport.


Prosthetic robots are produced in Kazakhstan. One of the projects was implemented by Maulen Bekturganov, founder of MBionics company. Maulen developed and created the first bionic prosthesis of an arm in Kazakhstan. The prosthesis is intended for disabled people of 3rd category and enhances their lifestyle. The prosthesis closely imitates a human arm functional. Maulen made a breakthrough in Kazakhstani science, which helps citizens to restore to full life without leaving the country. He plans to proceed with the similar development for ulnar mechanism, shoulders and so on in order to develop as many items as possible for disabled people.


Robot postman in KazPost JSC


Robot Akbota enabled by artificial intelligence delivers parcels to KazPost JSC.


Postal company employee puts a parcel to one of the eight sections in the robot and sends it to the corresponding addresses. Akbota moves in autonomous mode and can identify road items, people, and also detours pits and pavements. When the robot comes to the right address, it sends SMS notification. A customer withdraws parcel by indicating a password sent to his/her mobile phone.


The electric car is equipped by four self-contained power units and accumulator. The robot`s body is made out of metal which excludes the opportunity to wreck it or to withdraw parcels. The first version had been designed within two months and elaborated within six months. In the short run, developers plan to present a new enhanced version of robot postman.


Robot Kuanysh consults customers in EXPO Center office and can identify and memorize faces and entertain customers. Kuanysh is not the only robot consultant in KasPost JSC. In digital office, robots Pepper and Saule also provide help to customers. Thanks to HD cameras and distance sensors, Pepper can identify the surroundings and react on human emotions.

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