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Last update: 14.07.2023



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Foundation Of The First President Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan — Elbasy

Mission — to develop the limitless potential of our society, helping talented young people and supporting social projects of public interest.

To strive to create a climate and conditions for supporting young talents, both in science and in art.

Republic of Kazakhstan, 010018, Astana, Nazarbayev Centre, Bokeihan str.,1

Office Tel. +7 (7172) 70 83 04


Proposals for new projects are accepted:
Project Office: +7 7172 76 70 12, +7 7172 76 70 13

Office: tel. +7 7172 70 83 09

Republic of Kazakhstan, 050059 (A15M2B6), Almaty, M.Gandhi  str., 10

Reception: tel. +7 727 305 36 38



«Dara» Foundation

The mission of the Dara Foundation is the implementation of projects aimed at helping children’s health facilities, orphanages, and boarding schools for children with disabilities.

Dara carries out its activities to improve living conditions and expand opportunities for development of orphans, children with disabilities and sick children.

Astana,  33, Konayev str., "Astanalyk" Business Center, office 210

+7 7172 73 88 39
+7 7172 73 88 40

+7 701 932 02 82



«AYALA» Charity Foundation

The Mission of our Foundation is to foster a culture and tradition of charity in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of the Fund is providing aid to public institutions to children's health and education.

Almaty, Al-Farabi avenue, 77/7, Business Centre Esentai Tower, 9 floor

Tel.: +7 (727) 327 60 43
Tel.: +7 (727) 356 17 38
Fax: +7 (727) 356 17 59

Mob.: +7 702 808 33 23


Astana, Turan avenue, 18, Business Centre Turan 18: block B, office 703

Tel.: +7 (7172) 79 90 20

Mob.: +7 777 364 26 43



Foundation Of Bulat Utemuratov

The mission of the Foundation is to help Kazakhstan to become the best place for people's life today and in the future, to promote the development of health, education and culture. The idea of the Foundation belongs to its founder Bulat Utemuratov.

Almaty, Kunaeva str., 77, BC Park View

Phone: +7 (727) 321-04-62



«Saby» Charitable Foundation

The Mission of Saby Foundation is to enhance the understanding by the general public of charitable activities, and to make philanthropy effective for charity recipients and attractive for sponsors.

Address: Almaty, Dostyk, 250

Phone / fax: +7 (727) 311 29 38



Public Foundation «SHUGYLA»

The Fund provides material and social assistance to needy families. And also conducts on-site medical examinations of the rural population to identify diseases in the early stages and prevent their development. It also provides support to those who do not have the opportunity to get an education.

Almaty, MD. Kalkaman 2, Usenova 12

Phone: +7 (777) 944-22-88




Voluntary society


The Fund works in three directions. The first is the permanent campaign "give Children Life", which raises funds for the treatment of children who suffer from incurable diseases. The second — the project "Autism will win" and help families and children with autism. The third — the project "Kazakhstan without orphans" assistance to orphans in Kazakhstan.

Almaty, Nauryzbay Batyr str., 65, office 102

Phone: 8 (727) 267 66 46; 8 (727) 250 12 83

Fax: 8 (727) 267 66 46



Public Association «TAIBURYL»

The mission of the Association is to support and develop the intellectual potential of the country - students, scientists, researchers, talents, industry professionals.

Astana, Kerey street and Zhanibek khandar 5, 5 entrance, 3rd floor



Charity Foundation «Niyet»

The Fund was created to improve the living standards of children who grow up in poor families.

Contacts: + 7 (727) 364 52 00, + 7 (708) 086 88 65



Private Charity Foundation «Obelisk»

The fund's activities are charity and implementation of a socially significant projector: -organization and implementation of measures aimed at charity

- Involvement of the public, domestic and foreign citizens to the social problems of society in order to provide them with the necessary assistance.

Shymkent, st. Sasbukaeva (former Temiriazeva) 110-3

Phone number: 87784024302, 87013339770



«Aman-saulyk» public Fund

Expert and human rights organization in the field of health and social protection. Established on may 14, 2007.   

Almaty, Baitursynov str. (formerly St. Ul. Astronauts), angle Gabdullina str., 145/26, 1 floor, KAB. 110, 112 (entrance from Baitursynov street, 2 - storey building with white columns at the entrance to the building)

Phone: 8 (727) 220 71 87

Tel/ Fax: 8 (727) 292 04 85


The email address for international correspondency only:


Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan (SFK)

Kazakhstani non-governmental charity organization established by the Open Society Institute (OSI) in 1995 to advance values of the open society in Kazakhstan.


  1. Promote public policies to safeguard fundamental human rights;
  2. Ensure budget transparency and accountability;
  3. Increase social activism and tolerance within society.

Almaty, 111a, Zheltoksan Street, Office 9

Working hours: 08.00-16.45

Dinner time: 12.30-13.15

Phone: +7 (727) 258 13 54



Public Fund Charity Fund «Bauyrzhan»

A steadily developing public organization whose goal is to make charity effective. The Foundation creates favorable conditions for the development of philanthropy in Kazakhstan, assists NGOs and those who support them – patrons and benefactors.

BF «Bauyrzhan» is a pioneer in the field of charity.

Almaty, Tole bi str., 12

Tel.: 8 (727) 317-67-37



Askar Jakulin charity foundation

To support children suffering from cancer. Giving advice to those who need treatment. Establishing partnerships with agencies dealing with children's identification of the disease, treatment and rehabilitation.

Almaty, Ave Suyunbay 163 / M

Tel.: +7 (727) 295 58 77

fax: 290 06 00



Charitable Fund «ASYL ADAM»

Goals and objectives:

• providing a large, low-income and young families with permanent housing;

• assistance to low-income families in the creation and development of private business;

• the creation of jobs;

• support of projects of young initiative creative teams;

• support of state programs aimed at improving the social and national culture of the people;

• support for young entrepreneurs

Astana, Mangilik El ave. 8

Tel.: +7 707 659 58 85



Charitable Fund

«Fund Akniyet»

The Fund provides free assistance to those in need, including children with disabilities and children left without parental care.

Astana, Beibitshilik str., 8, of. Three

Phone: +7 702 920-99-78 (from 10:00 to 18:00)



Charity Fund «Kasietti Zhol»

The Mission Of The Foundation:

Creation of conditions for accessible and high-quality rehabilitation of children with neuro-orthopedic diseases from low-income families and children's Homes.

Astana, Korgalzhinskoe highway, 8, office. 233

Tel.:+7 717 270 28 68

Tel.: +7 701 240 71 31 (Rehabilitation center "Akzhol Shymkent" and early Intervention Center "Balapan»)

Tel.: +7 701 777 80 52 (Rehabilitation center "Kasietti Zhol" in Astana)

Facebook: @kzholcharityfund (Kzhol Charitable Foundation)

Instagram: akzhol_charity fund


The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan

The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan is part of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the largest and most respected humanitarian community in the world.

Our goal is to provide humanitarian assistance and social support to people stranded in crisis.

Almaty, Kunaev str. 86

Landline: +7 (727) 291 62 91

Fax: +7 (727) 291 81 72


Astana, Republic Avenue 5/1-42

Number: +7 (7172) 44 01 89

Fax: +7 (7172) 43 97 98



Charity Public Fund «Dar»

The main purpose of the Fund is to help children in difficult life situations, such as orphans, children left without parental care, large families, children with disabilities, as well as children in need of treatment.

Astana, Zhenis Avenue 79 / A office 201

Contact phone number:

Phone: + 7 (7172) 522 962

Tel.: + 7 (7172) 522 947
+7 771 046 66 96

+7 701 136 98 96


Corporate Fund «SOS Children's villages of Kazakhstan»

SOS Children's villages – a family model of long-term education of orphans and children left without parental care. Here they return to the child what fate took from him, what is necessary for his full physical and spiritual development: a loving and caring mother, brothers and sisters, the warmth of the home. Help your child better prepare for an independent life.

Astana, Abylai Khan Ave., 40

Tel. +7 (7172) 345-136, 345-268

Phone In Almaty: 8 (727) 313 25 71



Public Fund «Liniya zhizni 24»

The mission of the Fund is to care and help the citizens of Kazakhstan, to preserve life and health

socially vulnerable segments of the population with the use of emergency assistance systems and

social support on the basis of modern technologies.

Almaty, PR-t Ryskulova 48 a

Phone: + 7 777 136 6666



SF «Council of veterans, home front workers and children of war»

Goals and objectives:

Providing support to all needy and lonely veterans, creating conditions for high-quality leisure of WWII veterans.

The Mission Of The Foundation:

To promote longevity and decent old age to maintain health and to multiply the years by the widespread support of all veterans through the efforts of the younger generation.

Almaty, street Auezova, d. 62, of.Odin

Phone: 8 (727) 277 88 78,

8 (727) 338 55 49 Pasko Fedor Vitalievich (accountant),

8 (727) 354 32 09 Zaprjanova Raikhan Slyamkhanovna (Executive Director),

8 (727) 225 39 90 (army House office)

8 701 766 69 34 (what's App)



Corporate Fund «Bolashak»


Contributing to the formation of charitable and volunteer activities.


Ensuring equal opportunities for quality education, development of intellectual and creative potential of children from socially vulnerable segments of the population.

Astana, D. Ul. Konaeva, 12/1, office 412

Tel.: +7 7172 707 697, +7 7172 500 618

Fax: +7 7172 707 669



Public Foundation «ANA UYI»

A charity project organized to prevent social orphanhood and reduce the number of children entering orphanages every year.

Also work with Orphanages and potential adoptive parents.

8-800-080-77-71 - "House mom"

(Free 24-hour telephone)

1422 - "adoption support Center" (toll-free)


Private Charitable Fund «Azamat Aleuety»

All possible assistance in the development and improvement of the social sphere of the country, in the implementation of the most important and advanced scientific research and social and economic projects, in the development of civic engagement of vulnerable groups of population.

Phone: +7 (727) 220 65 67

Mob. phone.: +7 777 214 36 24, +7 701 907 71 02, +7 707 907 71 02



Public Fund «Zdorovye detyam»

The Fund's activities are aimed at providing moral and financial support in the treatment, rehabilitation, adaptation in Society, as well as overcoming inertia in relation to the problems of children with disabilities.

Aktau, 12 MD, 35 house, entrance from the yard

Phone: 8 (7292) 30-55-15


Public Fund «Ashyk Alem»

The goal is to help children and adolescents of Kazakhstan suffering from autism syndrome, to develop and disseminate methods of teaching children and supporting families, as well as to destroy stereotypes about the incurable autism.

First of all, it is a joint effort of parents raising children and adolescents with autism syndrome.



Public Foundation «AK-Zhol — M»

Purpose and subject of the Fund:

— implementation of measures of rehabilitation, medical, social, medical and labor character;

— creation of rehabilitation, social adaptation and psychological correction centers;

— medical care and treatment, hospitalization of patients with the participation of medical institutions; , organization of consultations of medical specialists

Almaty region, Talgar district, Kyzyl Kairat village, Tazabekov Str., 68a

Phone: 8 707 229 4129

8 775 206 3803



Public fund

«The family support centre Zhanuya»

The organization was established to provide social, legal, psychological assistance to children and families in difficult situations.

Almaty, Bukhar Zhyrau str., 12A

Tel: +7 (727) 278 42 71



The Fund for development of social projects «Samruk-Kazyna Trust»

The Fund for development of social projects «Samruk-Kazyna Trust» implements charitable projects and programs aimed at solving socially important issues for the population from the whole group of companies of JSC «Samruk-Kazyna».

The Fund's activities are carried out with the assistance of state bodies, the Government of Kazakhstan and experts in the field of public and social policy.

Administrators of charitable projects of the Corporate Fund are non-governmental organizations.

Astana, Е10 str., house 17/10, 11 floor

Phone: +7 (7172) 57-68-98



Public Fund «AINAR»

Promotion of systemic reforms in the Republic of Kazakhstan to improve the lives of children with autism spectrum Disorder (ASD), children with special needs and orphans.

Phone: +7 7172 45 69 84




“FOUNDATION FOR PRESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS SUPPORT” socio-economic charity foundation

The fund's mission: support of socio-economic programs of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, protection of rights and legitimate interests of citizens, corruption fight in secondary educational organizations, implementation of social and charity projects, and also charity development.

050000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, D. A. Kunaev str., 181A

33 Public Foundation "Hareket Charitable Foundation"

The mission of the Hareket Foundation is to provide assistance with housing for orphans, disabled children, large and poor families who have been left without housing and are in a difficult life situation.

For 4 years, the Foundation has provided more than 500 families and 2000 children have found a roof over their heads.

Republic of Kazakhstan, 050012 Almaty, Almalinsky district, Zhambyl Str., 114/85 Letter A, office 99


Phone:  8 776 500 20 29


Charity Public Fund "Botashym" 

The fund's mission is to implement the foundation's projects, the purpose of which is to help children suffering from cerebral palsy, orphans, poor families, and veterans.

Almaty, Rayymbek Str., 174/13, office 1.

Phone: 8 (707) 160 57 58



“ITeachMe” Competencies Development Center (Public fund)

Mission: We create equal opportunities and reveal a potential of each person; unite people; provide training on relevant professions and inspire to become the best version of oneself.    

The Fund activities are aimed at supporting, promoting and protecting the rights and interests of the disabled, and also individuals from vulnerable social groups; enhancing their competencies;   teaching new digital skills which will enable becoming competitive on the labour market and financially independent.

“Bai-Tal” RC, 28/5 Rysskulbekov str., office 94, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan 


Phone: +7 708 9709152, +7 7279 709152

Social media:

36 Public Foundation "Charitable Foundation "Qazaq muzykasy"

The foundation activities are aimed at charity in the field of social support, creative development and protection of musically gifted children and youth; promotion of music schools; copyright protection of children and youth; development of civil society in the field of music, support and financing of masters of applied arts.

Republic of Kazakhstan, 050022, Almaty, Almaty district, Zhibek Zholy ave., 125, apartment 10

Phone: +77776886047


"Shakhmardan  Yessenov  Science  and  Education  Foundation" Private  Fun

The Foundation’s mission: to develop Kazakhstan’s intellectual potential. Internships, scholarships, grants for Kazakhstani students and undergraduates of natural science and technical specialties.

Purpose of the Foundation:

- development of science and education, development of priority, initiative, scientific research and work that provide innovative and scientific development of Kazakhstan, raising the level of teaching and image of domestic universities, including the formation of highly professional specialists.

Charitable social activities aimed at improvement of various spheres of society: sports, healthy lifestyle, culture, assistance to vulnerable population, voluntary activity.

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Al-Farabi Ave., bld. 5, BC "Nurly Tau", block 1A, office 501


Phone number: +7 771 759 59 44

Social networks:,,
38 Public fund "child'S happiness"

Purpose: To improve the moral and psychological state of citizens, comprehensive support and assistance to orphans and children left without parental care, children from low–income families, as well as children with cancer and other serious diseases, including those at risk, their families. Increasing public attention of the city and the country to the problems of children.

Participation in charitable Kazakhstani programs to help sick children. Promoting the development of corporate forms of charity.

Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana, 21 Zheltoksan str., office 208.

Phone number: +7 (7172) 32 31 40; 8 778 437 60 52




Public Fund "Center for Social Inclusive Programs"

The Foundation creates inclusive communications in the following areas: sports, creativity, education.
Inclusion is the inclusion of children and adults with special needs in all processes from which they were previously excluded.

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Gogol str. 20

Phone number: 8 707 845 7017

40 Public Fund "Light of the Heart"


The Charity Fund "Zhurek Nury" is a non-profit organization created to provide assistance to low-income and low-income families, orphans, children left without parental care.

The main direction of the Foundation's work is the implementation of charitable programs aimed at supporting socially vulnerable segments of the population, promoting social rehabilitation of low-income families, improving the financial situation of recipients of charitable assistance.

 Astana, Almaty district, International Residential Area, 135 street, house 3

 Phone number:+7 (708) 595 24 40
41 Private Foundation "IMRAN-92" To support scientists, researchers and innovators in many areas of activity, to cultivate the development of creative capital. Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Yesil district, 6 E-248 street, postal code 010000.
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