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Last update: 11.12.2019

medosmotr.jpgAs the saying goes, the best treatment is prevention. A disease can be prevented during a medical examination.   Medical examination is also compulsory from a legal viewpoint as without a medical certificate a person can be denied from assignment to educational organization, company or visit to another country.

What is medical examination needed for?

Pursuant to article 90 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan  On  Nation’s Health and the Healthcare System, citizens are required to undergo medical examination. Medical examination refers to timely health check-up aimed at improving health, revealing diseases and preventing the dissemination of diseases, including vocational ones, the intoxications, accidents, and also at ensuring labor safety and health protection  of employees of organizations and persons performing any economical and/or manufacturing activities.

Types of medical examination

Medical examinations are either compulsory or preventive. Compulsory health check-ups are divided into the following types:

  • preliminary compulsory medical examinations are undergone in entering employment or study with a view to finding out capability for performance of professional/educational duties, and also to preventing general and vocational diseases, and non-dissemination of infectious and parasitic ones;
  • periodic compulsory medical examinations are held in order to ensure dynamic observation of employees’ health status, timely detect the initial symptoms of diseases, prevent general and vocational diseases, and non-disseminate the infectious and parasitic ones.

Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities in the field of manufacturing and economic activities must not allow to working the persons who have not undergone preliminary/periodic medical examinations or have been recognized as non-eligible for work because of health status.

Periods for compulsory medical examinations:

  • annual medical examination – once a year;
  • pre-shift medical examination check-up – one hour and thirty minutes before the shift.

Medical certificate forms

Is medical examination subject to payment for?

Preventive medical examinations of adults and children

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