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Last update: 29.11.2021


As the saying goes, the best treatment is prevention. Thus, an illness can be prevented during a medical check-up. A medical check-up is mandatory and a starting point from a legal perspective as without a medical check-up certificate one won`t be able to apply for study, work or visit another country.  

What a medical check-up is needed for?

Pursuant to Article 00 of the Code “On People`s Health and Health System” citizens should undergo medical check-ups. A medical check-up is a timely medical examination aimed at health promotion, detection and prevention of illnesses, including professional ones; poisonings; accidents, and also it ensures labour safety and health protection of employees and individuals performing administrative and (or) production activities. 

Types of medical check-ups

Medical check-ups are divided into mandatory and preventive ones. Mandatory medical check-ups are divided into the following types:

  • preliminary mandatory medical check-ups are conducted upon applying for a job or study in order to determine a fitness to perform duties, and also to prevent common and professional illnesses as well as distribution of infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • periodical mandatory medical check-ups are conducted to ensure dynamic control over health, timely determination of early disease markers, prevention of common and professional illnesses as well as distribution of infectious and parasitic diseases.

Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities performing activities in the field of production should not admit individuals who did not undergo preliminary or periodical medical check-ups or recognized as unfit for work on medical grounds to work.   

Frequency of medical check-ups:

  • an annual medical check-up: once per year;
  • pre-shift medical check-up: 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to a work shift.

Forms of medical certificates

Forms of medical certificates vary depending on the age and labour activity:

  • 026/у-3 form (or a child`s health passport);
  • 086/у form;
  • 082/у form;
  • 083/у form;
  • personal medical record.

A medical certificate in 026/у-3 form is drawn up in an out-patient clinic for each child prior to enrolling to a kindergarten or school (or “Child`s Health Passport”). A medical worker of a kindergarten or school regularly fills in the passport. Upon transfer to another organization, a child`s health passport is submitted along with personal file.

After 17 years old and in case of enrolling to any secondary (higher, secondary specialized) educational institution or to a job as well as when undergoing medical examination, a medical certificate in 086 form is required. It’s a statement made by medical specialists certifying that a person is fit to work or study. The certificate is drawn up for school leavers enrolling to a higher educational institutions, colleges, secondary educational institutions, professional-technical, technical colleges as well as to work.  

When applying for a medical certificate in 086 form, one should undergo a therapist, surgeon, neuropathologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist and other specialists as well as X-ray examination, and also provide laboratory tests results and get protective injections.       

A medical certificate in 082 form is a certificate for those travelling abroad. It certifies that a person does not have any medical contraindications for travelling abroad. The certificate is one of a documents required to get a visa in the Schengen member states and to draw up a medical insurance.   

A medical certificate in 083/у form is issued for those who want to obtain a driving license.  A person needs to visit medical specialists, including     narcologist and psychiatrist.  

After being employed, an employee needs to undergo preventive medical check-ups on an annual basis. For these cases, a personal medical record exists which is similar to a child`s health passport.     It contains personal information, place of residence, place of work and a photo.  

Should one pay for a medical check-up?

Medical check-up are not included into a statutory free-of-charge medical assistance. 

The cost of a medical check-up is calculated based on a pricelist.

Pursuant to an applicable legislation, execution of mandatory regular medical check-ups for employees is an employer`s liability, which should be fulfilled at the expense of an employer. 

Preventive medical check-ups for adults and children

Pursuant to the Order of Ministry of Health of RK, preventive medical check-ups of target population groups involve screenings aimed at detection and prevention of diseases at an early stages and elimination of risk factors that cause diseases as well as promotion of population health. 

Screenings are performed within a statutory free-of-charge medical assistance.

Screenings of adults are aimed at early detection and prevention of the following:

  • circulatory diseases (arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease);
  • diabetes among men and women;
  • pretumor, malignant tumors of cervix uteri among women;
  • pretumor, malignant tumors of breasts among women;
  • glaucoma among men and women;
  • pretumor, malignant tumors of colon and rectum among men and women.

Children screenings are aimed at prevention and early detection of diseases development of which relates to peculiarities of physiological growth at various age periods, including adolescence.   

Screenings for pre-school children, pupils and students of secondary specialized and higher educational institutions up to the age of 18 are performed by medical specialists at kindergartens and schools.     

Screenings for pre-school children not visiting any educational institutions are performed at an out-patient clinic at the place of registration. 

Children staying at infant orphanages, orphanages, residential schools, specialized orphanages and   youth centers undergo screenings twice per year.

Ultrasonic scanning of thigh joints for children at the age from three to four is aimed at early detection of thigh joints dysplasia and congenital dislocated hip.

Individuals suffering from chronic diseases and/or who suffered from certain acute diseases are subject to regular medical check-ups and dynamic monitoring with subsequent rehabilitation and execution of medical, social and recreational activities aimed at health restoration.     

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