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Last update: 26.01.2024

The goal of the schools of adoptive parents is to prepare to parenthood, to help to prepare themselves to an adoption of a child, to explain the conditions, order and all necessary procedures, to give prospective parents information and training necessary to create a new family.

The schools of adoptive parents have been created for those who would like to become adoptive parents, foster parents, guardians, to adopt a child, as well as for those who have already done it.

The schools prepare prospective adoptive parents, provide help and monitoring to adoptive families in terms of education and development of children whom they care of, as well as legal assistance. Seminars, trainings, lectures, tutorials and practicaltrainings are offered in the schools of adoptive parents in order to help the prospective candidates for adoption in any given issues.
If you have decided to take care of an аdoptive child the school can help to understand:

  • which form of family models is most suitable for yоu;
  • how to prepare the necessary documents;
  • how to deal with the adoption privacy: to hide or to be proud of it;
  • how to help the child to adapt;
  • how to help a family to accept the child;
  • what to do when the behaviour of the child is incomprehensible;
  • how genetic and social factors influence the development of a child and other.

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