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Last update: 19.05.2023

Electronic Services:

Personal Account
Today, through the Personal Account, Kazakhstanis can, without leaving their homes, obtain an extract on the state of their individual pension account at any time convenient for them and for any period, as well as receive a certificate of the existence of pension accounts. If you log in to the Fund’s website using an EDS, you can make online changes and (or) additions to the details, including changing the way of informing to the Internet.

Pension Calculator
The Pension Calculator visually and simply helps to calculate the approximate size of a future pension. And by adding a certain percentage in the “voluntary contribution rate” field, you can find out how much your pension will increase if you make additional contributions.

Mobile app

Using the application, you can at any time monitor the status of the individual pension account and the Fund's news, view the location of the nearest office and call the Call Center. For authorization, you must enter the same username and password as on the UAPF website.

Order a call back
You can “Order a call back” to our specialists on any day and at any time convenient for you. Every day from 9.00AM to 7.00PM


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